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If i could go back and change anything about this movie, it would have been the amount of marketing it didn't get. It released a couple of trailers, but had almost zero air-time. If i could go back I'd talk to the marketing reps and tell them they NEED to get more air time, more posters, more trailers.

If you get the chance to see this one, you really need to. None of the actors in this are real well known. Though some may recognize faces, i'm willing to bet that most won't recognize the actors' names in this one. None of the actors have done anything that would be considered "big". And for a bunch of no named actors, the acting was amazing.

The story follows a group of 5 teenagers who find a device that was meant for time travel but was never finished being built. And like any teens they decide to have a little fun, but find out fun has consequences. You follow these teens through time as they learn that one change in the past, regardless of how small, can send a ripple through time and sometime in the future that small change can have dire or even catastrophic consequences

They left it open for a sequel, though so far as can be told, no sequel has been planned. They really should make a sequel and market it better so it gets the attention that it truly deserves.

Be honest, would you change anything in your life if you could? Think before you answer, because if you were to change anything, you wouldn't be the same person you are now, and think of the secondary effects of the change, who you would or would not have met, where you may or may not be, what could or wouldn't of happened. And then those effects have effects of their own and so on and so forth. Let us know in the comments below


Would you change anything?


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