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Since the Kardashians' foray into the entertainment business spotlight, Kim has always made the most headlines and has proven to be the most talked about family member of the clan.

However, is the social media queen really the hottest Kardashian? Perhaps not.

Take a look at the eleven times below, when her sisters outdid her and stole her limelight. Judge for yourselves, who is the most beautiful, inside and out?

1. When Kendall was just 19 and already worth over $2,000,000

With a booming fashion career, it seems the beauty is most definitely tipped for greatness. She's so hot that she's also been voted coolest woman in the world by GQ and is expected to be the new face of Chanel this Spring. Kim, who...?

2. When Khloe was very honest

and again...

In fact, Khloe is so hot that even Kim admits it:

3. When Kendall appeared on the cover of Interview magazine topless and it was SO classy!

4. When Kylie Jenner dyed her mermaid-esque tips green to compliment her rouge pout that everyone has been raging about

She may not be the model of the family like Kendall or the celebrity superstar like Kim, but she is definitely the most bad-ass of the Kardashian clan.

5. When Kourtney and Scott were the hottest power couple

With two kids and a relationship of over 7 years, her dedication to family is super hot!

6. When Khloe is a wonderful role-model and continued to promote body confidence

"A few years ago I lost 30 pounds, and people still wanted to criticize. And honestly, I’m happy with myself if I’m a little heavier. I realized: Why am I trying to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty? I think I’m beautiful either way."

Good advice.

7. When Kourtney cultivated her own unique style with a sophisticated bohemian look

8. When Kendall walked the Marc Jacobs show like a boss

She wasn't even bothered in the slightest that her nipples were out.

9. When Kylie's mouth started a worldwide movement

Can you copy her signature lip look?

10. When Khloe showed her dedication to making the world a better place

In particular, she went anti-fur and appeared in one of PETA's campaigns.

Funnily enough, she then deserted the organization after one of their activists doused Kim with flour on the red carpet! Well, good intentions still matter right...?

So what do you guys think? Is Kim still the hottest Kardashian sister?


Who is the hottest sister?



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