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One of the more interesting ideas Marvel Studios has come up with is to not only have a Marvel Cinematic Universe but to also tie that into a Television Universe. How that is going to play out on Netflix remains to be seen, but even some casual Marvel movie fans might find themselves drawn into the broadcast television universe of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) or [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765) to make sure they have all the info on the next big Marvel movie. Brilliant strategy, really.

Make sure your couch is in good shape for April 10.
Make sure your couch is in good shape for April 10.

On April 10, 2015, Daredevil will be the first show to grace your Netflix queue - with A.K.A Jessica Jones on deck to debut probably sometime in the fall or winter. They're being cagey (no pun intended) about the release date for Jessica Jones at the moment but after that we're also scheduled to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows as well.

Adding Ninjas will always improve a show's chances.
Adding Ninjas will always improve a show's chances.

The coolest news for me that came out of this Marvel - Netflix alliance was the intention for all these shows to lead into a Defenders miniseries. The Defenders has all sorts of great potential for being the television version of the Avengers and its miniseries, event-type status ups the chances of these shows having an impact on the silver screen MCU.

The most important thing to know is that the Defenders have almost always been under the guidance of Doctor Strange. Probably the three longest standing members of the team are Doctor Strange, Hulk and Silver Surfer (forget about him since he's owned by Fox) - with Luke Cage being the best Defenders representative from these Netflix shows.

While the shows are being developed, one of the things that the Netflix COO said just this past January was that these four series may debut a year apart from each other - which would put a Defenders miniseries getting on screen in 2018 or 2019, sometime between Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2. Could the formation of the Defenders be a response to what is happening in the Infinity Crisis?

While we don't know exactly what will become of Doctor Strange after his November 2016 movie, the biggest hint about his future is definitely lying in the Defenders miniseries. More often than not he is the Defenders leader - much in the way Nick Fury is SHIELD's leader. We also don't know what Marvel's plans are for Hulk after Avengers 2, but that may be a subject for another time.

Speculation senses are picking up Doctor Strange.
Speculation senses are picking up Doctor Strange.

So if there will be significant cross over from the big-screen MCU into the Netflix/Marvel shows, I would say that signs are pointing to the eventual Defenders miniseries and some participation from Doctor Strange. With Netflix making big movie deals regularly these days, I have a feeling that by the time the Infinity War comes around - it won't be too strange (sorry, again, no pun intended) to see big time MCU movie stars showing up on Netflix shows. Excelsior!


Which Netflix - Marvel show are you most excited for?


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