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Throughout the '80s and '90s Disney pumped out a succession of cartoons ensuring that their characters were firmly entrenched in our childhood memories forever. While I loved switching on Saturday morning cartoons as a child, as an adult I can't enjoy them quite the same, mainly because there are simply some quite dark aspects, and many unexplained plot holes that I couldn't get passed. It turns out I'm not the only one, Tristan Cooper from Dorkly also found his favorite childhood cartoons were peppered with disturbing things you never really picked up on as a child.

Take a look at these dark Disney cartoon moments you never noticed as a child:

Everyone in Winnie the Pooh suffers from a mental disorder

Winnie and his friends captured all our hearts in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but although kids might have accepted the characters with all their weird and wonderful personalities, it was clear years later, that after four seasons of displaying their odd behavior, many of the characters had psychiatric disorders.

Eeyore is probably the easiest character to diagnose, as it's pretty clear he was suffering from depression. Next up is Piglet is clearly a very anxious little character, in multiple episodes the little pig displays concern about many different things from monsters being real, to being afraid to go outside. From an anxious Piglet to an ADHD Tigger, his risk-taking and impulsive behavior makes this a perfect diagnosis. And lastly Pooh himself displays characteristics of OCD behavior with his obsession and perseverance with food and honey especially.

The Gargoyles were probably in a world of pain

Gargoyles was the badass TV show about the stoney ornaments who sprung alive into awesome guardians at nightfall. One of the cool moments of the show was the characters exploding out of their concrete shells and you knew it was action time! When the day dawned again the gargoyles then grew a layer of stone over their bodies. Now, this stone does not totally protect them, but merely freezes them in place, if the Gargoyles are hurt in their stone forms, they can still bleed, or die or whatever really.

When the Gargoyles do freeze into stone, they usually did so with their mouths open, meaning that the stone probably formed in their mouths, down their throats and into their internal organs. What happened to that stone when they woke up at night time and it broke off into sharp shards inside them? Probably massive internal bleeding. Ouch. There's only so much of that a gargoyle can take, and maybe that's why the show only lasted three seasons.

Monterey Jack and his troublesome addiction

Monterey Jack was the large Australian accented mouse, who along with his friends Chip and Dale as part of the Rescue Rangers detective agency. Despite dear Monty being a well traveled and adventurous mouse, he also harbors a dark secret, he is seriously addicted to cheese. Alright I hear you, cheese is delicious and any sane person would be addicted to it, especially one named after a type of cheese, but Monty's addiction extends further than one could deem healthy.

Monty's addiction to cheese is so overwhelming that even a slight whiff causes him to be "almost hypnotically drawn to it in a...cheese attack." Sadly Monty's addiction was even recognized by the group as a problem and they even try to offer him alternative food snacks, but soon after he swears off cheese he's back on it again. Monty's addiction seems to be an inherited trait with his parents, Cheddarhead Charlie and Camembert Kate also enjoying the dairy-based treat.

Goofy definitely had sex at least once

I'm not going to lie, Goofy is my least favorite Disney character. While I loved Pluto as a kid, I just couldn't understand why Goofy was this weird, dim witted, anthropomorphic dog, while Disney had already created a, well, normal dog. Anyway in Goofy's TV show Goof Troop, Goofy is a single father to Max, a kid who looks remarkably like him, meaning: Goofy definitely had sex. Yep this guy:

Sadly Goofy mentions in one episode that Max's mom is "up there amongst the stars," implying that she is probably dead, but that still doesn't distract me from the weird reality that goofy old Goofy got some. Ugh, could you imagine all that 'hyuk hyuk' laughter...

What dark Disney storyline passed you by as a child? Tell us HERE!

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