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Hot on the heels of the news that Disney is considering reviving The Little Mermaid as a live-action film, our minds are a whirl at the thought of which stars could tackle the beloved roles. However, with no information on the casting choices this early on, we're going to have to use our imaginations to picture just who would make the ideal Ariel.

Below are my top choices for a handful of the main characters — but which choice would you make?

Vote in the polls below for your favorite pick and then feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments below!

Ariel — Emma Stone Or Elle Fanning

Emma Watson was clearly the fan favorite to don Ariel's seashell bra, but seeing as she's already been cast as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, let's give somebody else a chance to live out their Disney dreams, shall me?

With her tumbling auburn tresses and eyes like pools of water, Stone would wriggle into Ariel's shimmering fishtail with ease. Unfortunately, Disney purists might not be too up for the idea of casting a 27-year-old actress as 16-year-old Ariel.

Seeing as The Little Mermaid is essentially a coming-of-age fish tale, maybe it would be more appropriate to give a younger actress a chance at living it up under the sea. For that reason, my top pick for the role would be 18-year-old Elle Fanning.

Fanning is no stranger to live-action Disney, having shown us what she's made of in [Maleficent](movie:39352)And with a bit of hair dye thrown into the mix (she's already sported red hair for 20012's Ginger & Rosa and 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Fanning would make for a suitably ethereal Ariel.


Who is your top pick for Ariel?

Prince Eric — Henry Cavill Or Logan Lerman

With his jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, it takes a special sort of guy to play dashing Prince Eric, but at 37-years-old, Eric's human doppelgänger Ian Somerhalder is a little too long in the tooth.

Another pretty spot-on Eric who is a few years younger (and less devilish looking!) is 33-year-old Henry Cavill. The hunky Brit has already proved he isn't averse to a bit of fairytale action thanks to 2006's Red Riding Hood, and his enchanting grin is Eric all over.

For a younger casting, Logan Lerman could be just the guy to set sail as our handsome prince. The 24-year-old shot to fame playing Percy Jackson and shares Eric's kindly good looks and sparkly baby blues. After winning critical acclaim for his role in [Fury](movie:866294), perhaps Lerman is now ripe for the Disney plucking.


Who would you choose for Prince Eric?

Sebastian — Will Smith Or Will Ferrell

When I was initially thinking of a crabby Sebastian, my mind was instantly drawn to Benedict Cumberbatch's unique and expressive face. However, this serious thespian probably wouldn't be able to do justice to The Little Mermaid's funniest character.

A standout feature of the cantankerous crustacean is his ridiculously expressive face, and the two Wills could totally pull off the comic facial contortions and multiple zingers from Ariel's companion.


Who is the best Sebastian?

Flounder — Seth Rogen Or Jonah Hill

Lovable Flounder's rotund physique demands a slightly doughier comic actor (unless directors get creative and instead make him a skinny wimp?), and these two dudes immediately spring to mind.

Both Rogen and Hill are dab hands at playing funny, adorable characters à la Flounder, but who would you cast as Ariel's scaly BFF?


Who would you pick as Flounder?

Ursula — Queen Latifah Or Latrice Royale

Ursula is by far my favorite Disney villain, and this devilish diva needs someone suitably fabulous to waft her evil ways around the ocean.

Queen Latifah is a huge fan favorite to don the legendary tentacles, and with her presence, poise and larger-than-life personality, she would certainly be an asset to a live-action Disney movie.

Animators based Ursula on real-life drag queen Divine, so what better homage than to get a real drag queen on the case? Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race are sure to remember Latrice for her hilarious one-liners and glitzy, full-figured style, and I think she would kill it as the sassy sea witch!


Who would you pick as Ursula?


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