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Now, the fact that The Joker is a strange, unpredictable and all-around twisted villain isn't exactly news to any of us - but from the sounds of the latest revelation from DC, he might just be a whole lot more than we ever thought.

The newly-released Batman #38 has revealed that the clown prince of crime has been around for a whole lot longer than you might think - and is in possession of a pretty darned mystical ability you likely never would have guessed.

The (twisted) twist?

The Joker is Immortal

"Ta Da"
"Ta Da"

Yup. That's right, according to Batman #38, The Joker has been around for centuries...

The villain apparently came across a mysterious, chemical-filled meteorite centuries before Batman was even born - the same that, in the New 52 universe at least, gives Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul their longevity - and it gave him the gift of immortality.

That's him on the bottom right...
That's him on the bottom right...

So, the whole time The Joker's been fighting Batman? He's presumably been laughing to himself about the young whippersnapper's youthful naivete.

Y'know, or he's just criminally insane.

Either way though, this...

...strangely goat-obsessed man...
...strangely goat-obsessed man...

...totally explains how The Joker keeps coming back from all of those times Batman so soundly beat him. He is, after all, a whole lot more than just a masked maniac.

The big question now, then?

Could He Be Immortal in the Movies, Too?


Specifically, is it possible that some element of The Joker's new background could find its way into the DC Cinematic Universe?

Well, it doesn't seem impossible. After all, the comic-books and movies have been drawing closer together lately, and a plot-twist like that could well provide The Joker with an extra burst of mythological grandeur.

The only problem, for me? Even if we do see The Joker turn out to be immortal on the big screen, it most likely still doesn't mean that Jared Leto's version of The Joker will actually be a continuation of Heath Ledger's...

Partly because the character didn't actually die in The Dark Knight, so the idea of immortality doesn't really come into play - and partly because some of the key creative players behind the scenes of Batman v Superman have made it painfully clear that Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is completely separate from the new DCCU.

Which is...kind of a shame, actually...

What do you guys reckon, though? Is The Joker now being immortal a good thing? Will we end up seeing it in the movies? And, if so, how would that play out?



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