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While the 'Satanic Panic' of the 1980s was blown out of proportion, there have been terrifying instances of real life metal bands committing unspeakable acts in the name of satanic metal.

Incidents such as these lend their bizarre color to movies such as Lords of Salem and Jennifer's Body... and are all horribly shocking...

Black Mass

Who: Rodrigo Orias Gallardo

Location: Chile, 2004

Gallardo was already covered in satanic tattoos when he decided to show his dedication to black metal music in the most bizarre and deadly way - by murdering a priest. After mass, he walked up to Father Faustino Gazziero and slit his throat, coating his face and body in the man's blood before attempting suicide by turning the knife on himself.

Torture & Vampirism

Who: Gaahl

Band: Gorgoroth

Location: Norway, 2002

Gaahl was already famous for his vicious and bloodthirsty stage presence when he decided to up the stakes out of the spotlight. In 2002, Gaahl attacked a total stranger at a party, tying him to a chair and torturing him for hours, laughing:

I’m going to sacrifice you, I’m going to drink your blood...

Gaahl, lead singer of the band Gorgoroth, apparently did not learn from his terrible mistake, and was convicted for a similar 6-hour torture binge in 2006.

Band of Beasts

Who: Andrea Volpe and Pietro Guerrieri

Band: The Beasts of Satan

Location: Italy, 1998

Volpe and Guerrieri murdered a young couple on their way home from an evening out in metal bar Midnight Pub. Volpe led his bandmates in a drugged-up Satanic ritual, screaming at his dying victims as they lay in shallow graves:

Now you're both zombies! Try to get out of this hole, if you dare!

Amazingly, Volpe and Guerrieri committed another murder before they were apprehended in 2004, killing Volpe's 18-year-old girlfriend Mariangela Pezzotta. They are currently in jail.

Man of Mayhem

A Racist Satanist Murderer dressed as Gandalf
A Racist Satanist Murderer dressed as Gandalf

Who: Varg Vikernes

Band: Burzum, Mayhem

Location: Norway, 1993

Vikernes served 15 years in prison for the murder of fellow Mayhem bandmate, Øystein Aarseth. The jury did not buy his claim that he killed Aarseth in self-defence after the body was found with 23 stab wounds. Vikernes' involvement in the ritualistic burning of several of Norway's historic churches certainly didn't help his defense.

In addition to the whole murder and church burning business, Vikernes is also a massive racist, expounding views on white supremacy... so, not exactly the kind of chap you want to entertain over a light dinner.

Sacrifice to the Devil

Who: Jacob Delashmutt, Joseph Fiorella and Royce Casey

Band: Hatred

Location: California, 1995

Three wannabe rock stars did the unthinkable to promote their fledgling band, Hatred - they made what was described in court as a 'sacrifice to the devil' to give their band the 'craziness to go professional'. The victim was pretty 15-year-old Elyse Pahler, who these three losers brutally murdered before desecrating her body with vile necrophilic acts and bizarre rituals.

This shocking case influenced the plot development for 2009 horror Jennifer's Body.

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