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22-year-old model Kate Upton no doubt grabbed attentions during Super Bowl Sunday, appearing in a rather provocative commercial for the Android and Apple compatible video game application, Game of War: Fire Age.

Judging by the 30-second ad, Game of War seems less a fantasy strategy game and more an adolescent fantasy-fulfilment simulator.

Developer Machine Zone has launched a mammoth $40 million advertising campaign in partnership with Upton, culminating in the $4.5M Super Bowl slot. But first, they decided to whet viewers' appetites with a short teaser preceding the real thing - and it seemed to promise something it surely couldn't deliver: Kate Upton's uncensored derrière.

Bath time with Kate

We know she's privileged because someone is pouring a jug of water over her.

But wait, there's 'more'

Wait, more what exactly?

What followed during the Super Bowl was not Upton's uncovered behind (obviously), but rather, well, this...

Kate Upton on a horse

As she prepares for battle, we hear Upton's monologue; a not so subtle attempt to fool male teenage gamers into believing a supermodel is actually propositioning them:

"The thing about empires: the bigger you build them, the more your enemies want to knock them down. Let them have their fun. You and I will revisit them soon enough. Do you wanna come and play?"

That chest plate simply cannot be battle appropriate.

Be sure to catch the full commercial below!


Did this convince you to give Game of War a try?


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