ByDaniel Pearson, writer at

A brand-new trailer for the creepy-looking independent horror flick Ejecta has been released and it looks awesome!

IFC Midnight, the sister company of IFC Films, who produced the smash-hit Boyhood, dropped the video last week and it looks like alien horror fans are in for a real treat.

According to the film's distributors, Ejecta tells the story of reclusive UFO conspiracy theorist William Cassidy who is taken prisoner by a mysterious government agency investigating the arrival of aliens.

Through flashbacks, they uncover the terrifying details of what happened the night the aliens appeared and changed everything they thought they knew about the universe.

The film was written by Tony Burgess and stars Julian Richings, Lisa Houle, Adam Seybold.

Watch the trailer below:

Ejecta is set for Video On Demand release February 27, 2015.


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