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Is it just me or is the acting profession notorious for picking child star ugly ducklings that then grow up to be insanely hot?

Last week, you guys were already provided with a gentle reminder of some young stars that turned out to be very good-looking adults. Now, here's Part II.

Indulge in a spot of nostalgia and take a look at these familiar faces who grew up to be some of the finest specimens of the human race. Who could have known that these kids would have blossomed into such gorgeous adults?

Georgie Henley

Georgie Henley is best known for her portrayal of Lucy Pevensie in the The Chronicles of Narnia film series, which she started filming at the budding age of ten. Since the release of the first installment, she has also appeared in numerous stage plays in England. Alongside this, she also played the young Jane Eyre in BBC's adaptation of the classic novel in 2006.

Whilst studying at the University of Cambridge, she continued to perform on-stage and has also directed numerous projects.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Back in the day, Jonathan Lipnicki totally stole my heart in Jerry Maguire. As a six year-old, he was that cute, spectacle-wearing boy who starred alongside Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. Now, he could not be any further from his childhood break out role. Not only does he train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at blue-belt level and keeps himself in amazing cardio shape, but he also continues to grace our screens in a series of shorts and TV series such as Youthful Daze.

He even parodies himself and pokes fun at ex-child stars trying to make it in Hollywood. Take a look at the hilarious 'You Used To Be Cute' video below:

Isabelle Fuhrman

You might remember Isabelle Fuhrman as creepy girl Esther from Orphan:

Since then though, she has matured very well indeed and you can catch her in the role of Clove in The Hunger Games. Allegedly, she auditioned to play Katniss Everdeen but was too young for part at the time.

Parker McKenna Posey

Parker McKenna Posey brought to life the cute character of Kady in My Wife & Kids when she was just 6 years-old. Since the show wrapped, she's continued acting and showing off her insane curves as a swimsuit model.

Amber Scott

Little Maggie Banning was Peter's daughter in Hook. In particular, you'll remember Amber Scott for her heart-wrenching rendition of 'When You're Alone' in the movie. Revisit her wonderful performance in the video:

Since the movie, she left the acting profession and went on to graduate from Trinity College. where she was part of a sorority.

Bonnie Wright

Foraying into acting at 9 years old, Bonnie Wright will always be better known for her role of Ginny as part of the Weasley redhead clan in the Harry Potter series. Today, she continues to work in the entertainment business in projects that are a far cry from wizards and muggles.

In particular, she has dabbled in directing and has shown her philanthropic side in her close work with British charity Oxfam.

Clearly for many, puberty simply worked wonders!

What do you guys think?


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