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The original family of vampires ruling New Orleans may have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. However in real-life, the actors that portray our favorite blood-suckers have definitely undergone many transformations, both aesthetically and professionally. Yet, before I delve any further, relive the first season trailer of the amazing show:


Now, let's take a look at some of these fanged familiar faces and provide you guys with an eye-opening insight into what they looked like before they graced our screens on The Originals. Alongside some fun facts, of course.

Joseph Morgan

Character: Klaus

Fun Fact: Joseph Morgan's first ever audition was for the role of Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Naturally, he was very disappointed not to get cast.

Daniel Gillies

Character: Elijah

Fun Fact: Elijah Gillies is married to Rachael Leigh Cook, and they just had a baby girl named Charlotte. If you remember correctly, she was the star of She’s All That.

Claire Holt

Character: Rebekah

Fun Fact: Before forming an intrinsic part of the Original family, Australian actress Claire Holt was best known as the mermaid Emma Gilbert in H2O: Just Add Water. Check her out in the trailer for the first season below:

You can also catch her in the TV movie Mean Girls 2 as the mean, popular girl Chastity Meyer.

Phoebe Tonkin

Character: Hayley

Fun Fact: Fellow Australian Phoebe Tonkin runs a health and lifestyle website with good friend Teresa Palmer. Take a look at 'Your Zen Life' here. It's fantastic and full of positive advice on how to live a healthy life, eat well, be more eco-friendly and generally be a better person!

She also goes way back with Claire Holt, since they met starring in H20: Just Add Water.

Charles Michael Davis

Character: Marcel

Fun Fact: Charles has admitted that he is most definitely Team Stefan and Team Stelena. Controversial, indeed!

Prior to being on The Originals, he was also a professional model.

Leah Pipes

Character: Camille

Fun Fact: She originally wanted to be a writer but was spotted in a crowd and told she should become an actress.

She is also no stranger to vampire shows and actually got her big break in 2001 in Buffy spin-off show Angel.


Who is your favorite cast member?



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