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From her irritating beginnings, Caroline has become on of The Vampire Diaries most relatable characters. With her empathy, caring emotions and desire to please everyone around her and make them proud, it's not difficult to shed a tear whenever Care does.

After last week's harrowing episode featured Caroline struggling to come to terms with the reality of her mother's death, I got thinking about all the other times this seminal Vampire Diaries character has given me a serious case of the the feels and below are my top six sob-worthy moments.

It's only prudent to prepare ourselves for the tide of emotion than will engulf us when poor Sheriff Forbes meets her seemingly inevitable end.

6. Compelling Sadness

When Caroline's mother finally saw that becoming a vampire had made her daughter a braver, stronger person it was an undeniably moving moment, but it was Care being forced to compel her mom to forget their emotional heart-to-heart that had me in floods of tears.

5. Daddy Issues

Caroline's father might have been a stone cold asshole when he tortured his vampire daughter for simply existing, but we all dissolved for Caroline when she uttered the lines "Please, don't leave me Daddy" after he had finally accepted her while he was dying. Ouch.

4. Klaus Died... He's Dead

After Klaus 'died', Tyler is doomed to follow suite as they are part of the same bloodline. Caroline is desperate to stay with him until the bitter end, but he can't bear to let her see him like this so he chases her out of his life. So many different shades of sad right here.

3. Steroline Begins

From the very moment she was turned, Stefan has been there for Caroline and the way he comforts her when she breaks down always brings a tear to my eyes.

2. Heartbreak in the Woods

After tenderly pledging to "not let anything happen" to her in the above clip, Stefan shattered Steroline hearts into a million pieces by ignoring Care's impassioned pleas and leaving her to sob alone in the darkness earlier in season 6. Whyyyy?!

1. Facing the Truth

Caroline and her mother, Liz, have just been growing closer and closer as the seasons have progressed, and her reaction to the cancer diagnosis is just heartbreaking. You can't help but want to wrap your arms around Care as she denies the truth because she just can't handle it.

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