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Most of us find it impossible to look upon Ian Somerhalder's finely chiseled visage and not get weak at the knees, and Project Almanac's Johnny Weston knows the feeling!

In a recent MTV interview, Weston's co-star Sofia Black D’Elia is asked which CW hottie she would ship herself with if she was back on the network, but Weston couldn't resist butting in to share his man crush!

Johnny Weston is shipping 'Jian'!
Johnny Weston is shipping 'Jian'!

The young adult actor revealed he has exceptional taste when he blurted out:

Ian Somerhalder, he's a handsome man. He’s a well put together, handsome dude

Weston also enthusiastically let slip that he would like to "go to Disney World" with the smouldering [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star.

As if that wasn't enough love for our favorite supernatural CW stars, D'Elia went on the reveal that her secret girl crush is non other that [The Originals](series:833141) alum, Clair Holt.

Let's hope these guys get to meet their crushes because if I saw 'Jian' and 'D'Holta' running around with Mickey Mouse ears on, it would be a moment of great beauty!

Source: MTV


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