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Now, when it comes to stopping ordinary people from being a superhero, you'd typically expect the main threat to come from a super-villain, or at the very least Iron Man and the Superhuman Registration Act (as soon to be seen in Captain America: Civil War, natch).

Sometimes, though, an ordinary member of the public can find their dreams of becoming a superhero thwarted by a somewhat less daunting-seeming foe.

In this particular case, the Danish government.

Now, don't worry, Denmark hasn't suddenly gone all Civil War on us, and there's no reason to believe that Captain America and Iron Man are going to be battling it out on the streets of Copenhagen any time soon. Instead, though...

A Danish Man Was Just Banned From Changing His Name to 'Superhero'

Via Facebook/Benjamin Preisler Herbst
Via Facebook/Benjamin Preisler Herbst

Specifically, that guy with the awesome glasses, just above - a Danish toy shop owner who goes by the name of Benjamin Preisler Herbst.

The thing is, though, Benjamin had very much wanted to change that fact. Indeed, in honor of the comic-books and movies he loves, he had hoped to legally change his name to 'Superhero.'

The only problem? The Danish government turned him down, arguing that:

"The word superhero is the name of a fictional/non-existent figure who perform heroic deeds...We do not believe that “Superhero” meets the criteria for accreditation as a Christian name."
Even if he IS Captain America
Even if he IS Captain America

Which is all well and good, and all, so far as bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo goes, but it's hard not to take Benjamin's side in this one, since his counter-argument is just so darned nice...

"I fully understand that people under 18 should be protected from being given silly names by their parents...but I think it should be up to adults to change their own name to whatever they want."

He even revealed his motivation for the name change, which just made the whole thing even sweeter...

"It would give people a smile when I came into the bank and said, 'Hi, my name is Superhero'. There is nobody who doesn’t like superheroes. The only ones who don’t are supervillains."

Which, it seems to me, is a pretty excellent point.

Clearly Hawkeye agrees...
Clearly Hawkeye agrees...

Especially seeing as the same government recently allowed individuals to change their names to Legolas, Gandalf and - crucially - Ninja.

I mean, really... If we have Ninjas running around, then clearly we have more need for a Superhero or two than ever...

What do you guys think, though? Know of any other awesome superheroic name changes? Reckon Benjamin should just change his name to Iron Man and be done with it? Have a secret desire to change your name to Star-Lord?

Source: The Mirror


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