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If there's one thing you can un-controversially say about the world of DC, it's that some pretty big things are afoot. After all, there's not only the continuing comic-book New 52 universe unfolding around us, and countless awesome superhero TV series' being announced every day, but a whole cinematic universe about to unfurl itself before our very eyes.

However, while we've all been kind of preoccupied with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, DC's comic-book universe has, it seems, been preparing something pretty darned huge for us, too.


Superman Just Got a Brand New Costume

And it might not look quite how you're expecting it to...

The design - long rumored, but up till now unconfirmed - made its appearance on a variant cover for Superman #39, suggesting that its release on February 25 may well mark the entry of the new outfit into the DC universe proper.

The most interesting part of the costume, though?

It's a Big Change From What Came Before

With a very different approach to Supes' cape, chest, belt and boots, it's certainly a substantial change - and one that in some respects harks back to his more traditional old-school costume.

The even more interesting aspect, though?

It's a Whole Lot Like the Movie Version

Now, it's certainly not an exact replica - it's still far lighter, for one thing - but the new chest, belt and boot designs bear a striking resemblance to the Man of Steel-era cinematic Superman.

Now, that's most likely just a creative response to the movie's imminent arrival - but could it suggest we'll see even more Batman v Superman-linkage in the coming months?

We'll find out soon enough, I suspect...

What do you guys think, though? Will we see Batman v Superman mirrored in the DC comic-book universe? What do you think of the new costume? How do you reckon Superman's changing looks over the years have effected the character?



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