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It's been quite a while since Guillermo del Toro's Jaegers and Kaiju stomped onto our screens and got physical in the glorious, watery CGI-battle-fest, Pacific Rim. By this point, you've probably seen the movie about 14 times, although there is still some new stuff to get excited about.

A huge Kaiju-sized lode of concept art was recently posted up on Imgur. In it we can see some of the early design processes behind some of Pacific Rim's titanic characters, while we also get a look at a few Kaiju and Jaeger designs which didn't make the final cut. Have a look below:

Trespasser Concept Art

Unused 'Megatron' Kaiju

Gypsy Danger Concept Art

Unused 'Croco-dillo' Kaiju

Leatherback Kaiju Concept Art

Unused Kaiju Concept Art

Knifehead Kaiju Concept Art

Jaeger Production Line

Unused 'Rhino' Kaiju Concept Art

Early Gypsy Danger Concept Art

Unused Kaiju Being a Bit of a Dick

Another Jaeger Production Line

Potential Unused Scene or Simply Artwork?

Early Destroyed Jaeger Concept Art

If you want to see a lot more, make sure to head over to Imgur.

Source: Imgur


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