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On February, 2 2014, the world lost one of its most talented artists. The actor Philip Seymore Hoffman depicted characters from the edges, he explored dark and often disturbing emotions, he gave a voice to the voiceless - the outsiders of society.

He did so with a deft honest and humility that was present at the very start of his career and only unfurled further and further, blossoming with each year he grew older.

His passing left a void in cinema that may never be filled.

The only blessing is that an artist never truly dies; their work isn't laid to rest with them. To leave us with it is their final gift.

Watch Hoffman at his very best in this scene from The Master.

Last year Caleb Slain, an online video producer, made a fitting tribute to the great man which encompassed just some of the great man's best bits and condescend them down into one poignant 20-minute video.

In his films and Caleb's video, Hoffman's talent never screams and shouts. It slowly opens up with many layers and complexities until he has painted the ultimate portrait of his character.

Scroll down for Caleb Slain's poignant tribute video below. But first, here are favorite moments from Hoffman's illustrious career.

The Big Lebowski

On the face of it, it is somewhat strange that Hoffman's portrayal of millionaire Lebowski's manservant 'Brandt' has become so beloved. For he is only screen for a matter of minutes.

Yet the grin on his face when Tara Reid offers to perform a sexual act on Jeff Bridges for $1000 is priceless, likewise is the way he explains that Nancy Reagan was the "First Lady of the nation, not of California" in an earlier scene.


While Tom Cruise was the big name actor in Magnolia, the real star of the show was Philip Seymour Hoffman as Phil Parma, the male nurse who attends to Jason Robards’ Earl Partridge.

In a way, Hoffman serves as our very own nurse, too. He protects us from the unbearable sense of impeding doom and prepares us for our own reaction to the movie.

The Master

It was for this depiction of a religious cult leader that perhaps won Hoffman the most plaudits, including an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

Alongside a frail and scarred WWII veteran played by Joaquin Phoenix, Hoffman is at his most manipulative and convincing. His portrayal is genuinely terrifying in places.

Watch Slain's super cut tribute below.

I think what hurts the most about the loss of Hoffman is that he so much more left in the tank. Who knows how many more great movies he would've made?

RIP, Philip.


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