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2015 has a great many surprises in store for those that love video games. From the likes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, to The Witcher 3, this year is already looking like it's going to herald the arrival of quality titles on the PS4 and Xbox One. But there are two games that I really feel are showing the future of the industry, and they both happen to be on the PS4.

Bloodborne and No Man's Sky (apart from MGS5) are my two most anticipated titles of 2015. And there is one reason for that alone (if I can borrow from Philoctetes here). TWO WORDS: Procedurally Generated Gameplay.


Bloodborne & No Man's Sky

As we know, No Man's Sky is built around the entire concept that this galaxy we explore is created before our eyes. Hello Games are bound to give us one of the most unique experiences we've ever encountered in gaming. With a literally endless galaxy to venture out into, there's no telling what sort of planets we can discover. Hell, we don't really fully understand the gameplay elements yet!

It's a game that we'll be showing our grandchildren, and one that I really hope will keep me engaged for hours on end. I really delight in Sony's love for indie titles. Their support of the likes of Rime, Journey, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and The Tomorrow Children have given us easy access to some of the greatest indie titles of the past, and hopefully, of the future.

Even the ships are procedurally generated!
Even the ships are procedurally generated!

But even their big blockbuster titles demonstrate their support of games that aren't necessarily Triple A. Bloodborne exists within the parameters of a very niche market in video games. The Souls series most certainly has been successful though, let's not forget that. But the more I learn about Bloodborne, the more I want to play.

With hundreds of hours having been put into Dark Souls I and II, I can't wait to loose myself in this spiritual successor. But here comes that great phrase again: procedurally generated gameplay.

In the video above you can check out the producer of Bloodborne talking about the dungeons that exist beneath the levels of the game. These dungeons are going to be completely different for every player that ventures into their depths. Enemies are random and the encounters are limitless, allowing for continuous replays either alone or with a companion.

This form of gameplay has of course been utilised in the industry before hand, but I can't recall a single title other than Minecraft that has used it of late. It means that every time we play the game, we get a different experience, allowing for a community to blossom around the game as we share our experiences with one another.

I have endless degrees of hope for Bloodborne and No Man's Sky. I can't wait to dive into their very different worlds and experience something new every single time. Are you excited for the PS4's exclusive releases of Bloodborne and No Man's Sky? Let us know in the comments!


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