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Fede Alvarez's gloriously gruesome remake of Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead franchise horrified audiences back in 2013, but little did viewers know, they were yet to witness the whole terrifying story.

Despite producer Bruce Campbell's assertion that no alternate ending existed, never-before-seen footage has emerged that reveals they did in fact film a second gory conclusion to Evil Dead - and we've got the proof right here!

The previously unseen ending shows a severely injured Mia staggering down an empty road, before collapsing in front of a passing truck. The driver helps her into the back seat where we see Mia's eyes suddenly open, no longer possessed by evil.

Be sure to watch the scene in full below!

And if that wasn't enough bonus material for you horror fans, three additional uncut clips have appeared online that were all missing from the theatrical version, and they're pretty darn gnarly!

What's in the cellar?!

A bloody inferno

'Chop the motherf***er'

We'll have to wait and see if an official extended cut of the movie will ever materialise. Here's hoping!


What do you think of the alternate ending?

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]


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