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The DC universe has a big selection of characters that can be addressed in future movies or TV shows. Here it is the list of 5 characters that i think that we should see soon.


Originally hailing from the planet Thanagar, Hawkman is the world's fiercest attacker and one of its most feared warriors. With his wings and his trusty mace, Hawkman patrols the skies with a savage intensity. Hawkman’s weapons and artificial wings both are forged from the mysterious Nth metal, which can only found on his home planet. They grant him the power of flight as well as enhanced strength and healing.

Hotheaded, impatient, and single-minded and unrelenting in his drive, Hawkman ranks as one of the world's greatest heroes—but also one of its most dangerous. Many people fear Hawkman’s savage brutality and his penchant for violence, but that appears to be just the attitude he wants them to have.

His barbaric methods and disregard for rules and regulations often put him at odds with law enforcement and his fellow heroes, but through it all, Hawkman's personal code and sense of justice prevail above all else—it just so happens that personal code and sense of justice also involves smashing many things.

Also not a charecter for a solo movie but pherhaps a cameo or a TV series.

4- Blue Beetle

Jaime wasn’t much different than other teenagers. He wanted to fit in at school and perhaps gain a bit more attention from Brenda Del Vecchio, his feisty female friend. At home, he constantly wished he could do more to help his struggling family. But he got more responsibility than he ever dreamed possible the day an alien doomsday weapon known as the Blue Beetle scarab chose Jaime as its new guardian, gifting him with dangerous weaponry, full body armor and the power of flight.

As if helming a weapon designed to force its wearer to conquer the planet wasn’t bad enough, his new power has quickly drawn a small army of equally powerful enemies that present a very real threat to Jaime and those he loves. But while tangling with Blood Beetle, La Dama and The Reach may not have been part of his plan, Jaime’s accepted that his powers can do a lot of good for his community and world…as long as he can keep his domineering new suit under control.

This guy needs his own TV show!

3- Superboy

Cloned from Kryptonian and human DNA, and gifted with powerful tactile telekinesis, Superboy possesses abilities similar to that of the Man of Steel. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Kon-El always strives to live up to the Superman name but constantly questions his ability to do so. Of course, having the shared DNA of Lex Luthor doesn't make it any easier on the young hero, who lives in constant fear of what sort of influence his human side might hide.

Part alien, part human, he exists as a boy of both worlds—embracing aspects of both Kryptonian heritage and humanity in a way that Superman never can.

Maybe a cameo would be nice!

2- Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter, also known as J'onn J'onzz and John Jones, is a superhero from the planet Mars and the last surviving member of his race. A martian holocaust killed his wife and daughter, nearly driving him mad, until he was brought to Earth in an accident caused by scientist Saul Erdel. His natural abilities include super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, flight, shape-shifting, intangibility and telepathy. He has been a member of almost every incarnation of the Justice League of America. Although he holds great reverence for his homeworld, he has come to greatly respect his adopted world as well and protects it as his home. In his secret identity, to blend into humanity, he is a gritty hard-boiled police officer.

J’onn J’onzz is a fan favorite and a lot of his modern popularity steams form the DC animated films and television shows. Althougth this character cannot handle a solo movie before the Justice League movie, maybe just cameos in Green Lantern or Superman.

1- Red Hood

Jason Todd is a vigilante anti-hero who has been a member of and antagonist to the Batman Family. Batman originally trained him to be the second Robin, his new side-kick after Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Jason is murdered by the Joker during A Death in the Family, although he is later resurrected and returns as the second Red Hood during Under the Hood.

A TV show is very unlikely, movie even more, but a cameo in a Batman movie why not?


Which one of this do you want to see more?

This is my list tell me what you think!


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