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Some of the most awesome content on the internet is Fan Art. Created by so called 'amateurs' the result is a work of love, and of insane talent. One of my personal favourite artists, is twitter handler Bosslogic.

Already he has taken on cast members of Suicide Squad and X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as being the driving force behind Tyrese Gibsons Green Lantern campaign! Now he's back with more stunning work. After actor Terry Crews expressed interest in playing the character Silver Surfer, Bosslogic gave us a visualization of what he could look like... and it's pretty epic.

Bosslogic also gave us our first look at what our new Gambit could look like, played by talented actor Channing Tatum. With Tatum set to portray the character on the big-screen October 7, 2016, this piece of fan art becomes all the more interesting!

The Combined Images Above
The Combined Images Above

Be sure to head over to Bosslogics twitter and give him a follow! These are just two samples to his archive of work. He can be found tweeting his daily photoshop practice portraying a range of celebrities and athletes as all our favourite heroes and villains!


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