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You may have seen the new TV spot for Jurassic World that aired during the super bowl, and if you are like me than you are very excited to see it. Every detail I find out about it makes me more and more excited. I've been waiting for a fourth Jurassic Park film ever since I was in 2nd grade and saw the third one in theaters. But at the reveal of every detail I also get a bit more nervous for the film as well. For a multitude of reasons.

First of all I understand that it is supposed to modernize and update the franchise but there are certain parts that don't seem to much like Jurassic Park. One thing is the raptor training. Yes I think it would be awesome to train dinosaurs and use them for various tasks. But the idea doesn't seem much like something Jurassic Park would do. It just seems a little silly. In Jurassic Park I mean. And the whole seen with Peter Quill riding his motorcycle in the jungle with a gang of raptors To go hunt the I.Rex while awesome seems just a bit campy. Maybe it might work out though, and awesome looking no doubt it just seems a bit like a stretch.

Another thing that got me was after it hits the fan and the Pteranadons escape and wreak havoc. Yes I understand it wouldn't be Jurassic Park without the escaped dinosaurs causing havoc. But Jurassic Park never had the meaningless slaughter of innocent people like some B Monster movie. Aside from the Rex in San Diego in The Lost World I mean. I saw Pteranadons swooping down and swiping random people off of the streets. Plus the plethora of other dinosaurs that will cause havo. It just made me think of some Saturday night SyFy channel movie. Insulting I know. I just hope it doesn't get too out of hand. You know?

And then the helicopters and the chainguns and the like seemed to add a touch of heavy action. One thing we don't need, mindless action films. Too many of of them as there is. And I'm hoping it will be longer than an hour and a half, like most modern movies. I just don't want this film to fail and turn into another generic action/scifi film of this decade when it was supposed to breathe new life into the franchise. I've been a huge fan of Jurassic Park ever since I was a toddler. I just really don't want this film to fail. It has a lot to live up to. I worry about it just about every day. Can you blame me? Too many beloved franchises are rebooted and then ruined. I mean of course as I said I am very excited for it. I can't wait until June 12th.


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