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The ending to Mass Effect 3 was an astoundingly contentious issue that infected the Internet with violent outbursts for days on end. Its ambiguity was confusing, disrespectful and just down right inconsistent with its own lore. So how will such an event impact upon Bioware's return to the Mass Effect universe?

Naturally, the team will be anxious to heal the wounds of the fans who felt betrayed by the conclusion of ME3. Mass Effect 4 has not even received a release date or much news for the Xbox One or PS4, but one can sense the enormous pressure on the developers already. Seeing as it is more than likely that the series will carry on into the future (it was suggested that we hang onto our saves) will we see the likes of Garrus or Tali again? Would Joker and these guys not have died on that planet we saw them land on?

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 - Garrus, Tali & More DIE?!

The conclusion to what has been labelled as "The Star Wars of our generation" offers up some intriguing questions for how this universe will continue. All of the mass relays that connected so many clusters of galaxies have been destroyed. How will we be able to navigate to other worlds, or will it simply be set in one Galaxy? But most importantly, we all long to see our companions once more?

If we look at ME3's ending with this universe's dictums in mind, it's actually a seriously dark one. We see the Normandy escape the blast, that's true. But where was everyone else on board?! Additionally, it didn't seem to be the most hospitable of planets, especially for Garrus and Tali.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Their biological functions mean that they can't actually eat anything on this planet, remember all of that stuff about their dextro-amino acids?! Therefore, are we to assume that our friends died of starvation on this planet?! Or will Bioware simply move to a whole new quadrant and never mention these guys again?

We all sincerely hope that our companions can once again join us on our mission, but Bioware are going to have to essentially undo their own ending in order for that to happen! Would they really rewrite it once more? Do you think we'll get to see our companions or romances once more? For some reason, it seems unlikely. But then we don't really know what Bioware plan on doing. Let us know what you think in the comments below Mass Effect fans and keep holding out for news on a release date!!


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