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Where would Kingdom Hearts and the body of Disney's animated works be without the presence of the Genie? Robin Williams delivered a remarkable performance, one that created a list of over 40 different characters that the animators had to incorporate into the film to accommodate the man's extraordinary imagination and talent.

In terms of Kingdom Hearts alone, from the very beginning, the series had the Genie as a companion that we could summon in battle. He was a chore part of the gameplay and not merely a character that we happened upon in these vast worlds. Therefore, I really feel that Disney and Square Enix should combine their efforts in Kingdom Hearts 3 to acknowledge the remarkable talent that was Robin Williams for this game's release date on Xbox One and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Robin Williams' Genie Tribute

I'm sure there are a great number of fans out there, of both this series and Williams' work that would love to see him commemorated in the game. I wonder whether the Genie's passing will make Disney hesitant with regards to placing him in the game in a large capacity. Perhaps it could be something as poignant as a meeting.

Personally, I imagine a moment where Sora encounters the Genie in a secluded, dark place. A space where the two of them could talk. Perhaps he could offer us some advice on the quest ahead. Its never explained where exactly he is, but we know what this space signifies. Here, we can say goodbye to the Genie. We can embrace him and Sora can carry his strength in his heart.

Genie in Kingdom Hearts
Genie in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to moments of emotion and poignancy. The series is famous for bringing tears to the eyes of fans everywhere, therefore, if Square Enix and Disney were to combine their efforts to say goodbye to this great man and character, I'm sure they could have us all blubbering in front of our monitors.

It'd be an awful shame to not see the man get a tribute in Kingdom Hearts 3. It's the last time that Disney will be able to incorporate him fluidly into one of their works. Of course, this is Square Enix's project, but the Disney corporation have a lot of influence on its development.

So fans, would you like to see Robin Williams and the Genie get their well deserved tribute in Kingdom Hearts 3?! If so, let us know in the comments what you'd like to see!


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