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The [Frozen](movie:411685) craze continues to run rampant over a year after its release, and now even police officers of all people are cashing in.

Carl Pendleton acts as the recruiter for the Norman Police Department in Oklahoma, and he's drawing inspiration from Anna and her zest for life in his latest recruitment video. He's hilariously reworked a Frozen song with some new lyrics to attract potential recruits. Somewhat surprisingly, Pendleton opted to sing and dance to a version of "For the First Time in Forever" instead of the old favorites "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" So, if you're somebody who made a New Year's resolution to permanently avoid "Let It Go," rest assured that you won't hear it here!

Unfortunately, the following GIF is not from the video.

Although, it definitely should have been.

These cops are not at all worried about being goofy

Norman Police
Norman Police

Pendleton prances, dances, and chats with stuffed animals to get his message of recruitment across.

Never thought I would see a Frozen song title in such an 80s font

Norman Police
Norman Police

I'm getting flashbacks to the every buddy cop movie ever (or maybe I'm just remembering "Lethal Weapon 5" from [It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia](series:200878)).

I've never wanted to be a cop more in my life

Norman Police
Norman Police

If the requirements include making dinosaur sounds and singing songs from Frozen, I think I'm a shoe-in at this place.

Frozen continues to take over the world

Norman Police
Norman Police

It's already infiltrated our local law enforcement offices, and I'm definitely not complaining.

First of all, this guy clearly has a fan's knowledge of the movie (or, at least some kids at home), as he can easily insert quotes into his pitch: "We don't care if you're a bit of a fixer-upper or if you just like to have fun in the summer because July 13th our new academy starts." Secondly, HOW is this an actual thing? Never in my lifetime did I think I would see cops using a Disney movie to up their membership, so thank you, Internet!

Pendleton, who did all the adorable production himself, told ABC News, "We deal with some heavy stuff sometimes in our job, but it’s important that you have a chance to smile." And it sounds like this plan is paying off! The department has already received over 40,000 views on their video and at least five calls looking for employment. Elsa and Anna would be so proud!

In all honesty, my initial reaction was to be a little suspicious of this strategy. I mean, should we really be associating an extremely popular children's movie with a very adult and dangerous profession? Is this intended to reach young kids and make them think of law enforcement when they play with their Frozen toys?

In the end, though, I'm pretty sure that this is all just a bit of harmless fun. Pendleton seems to just be having a good time with a recognizable song, and he's clearly not worried about making a fool of himself. If anything, this video appeals to parents who have gained their own relationship with Frozen, and who wouldn't want to work with a guy who's willing to sing and dance to those newly classic tunes? Maybe he's devised a whole new marketing strategy for more cops out there.

Head over to YouTube to watch the entire video for yourself (the singing cop has prevented it from being viewed on other sites). I promise it will be well worth your time.

So, what do you guys think of Pendleton's video? The more Frozen the better, or keep it for the kids?


Did this video make you any more interested in becoming a cop?


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