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When you watch the exorcist this day and age people are never scared in my opinion its because with all the jump scares and gore in every horror movie these days its lost its magic but think back to 1973 when it hit theaters there was priests out side the theaters to cleanse people just in case they were possessed.

In my eyes the exorcist is still scary the atmosphere the whole premise of the movie is utterly terrifying it was written by William Peter Blatty and directed by William Friedkin and starred Linda Blair who played Regan Macneil who is the little girl who is possessed by pazuzu "the king of demons" whos origons are from Babylonian mythology it also stars Ellen Burstyn as Regans mother,Max von Sydow as Father Merrin the older priest who is there to preform the exorcism and is joined by Father Karras played by Jason Miller the film starts with father merrin at a archaeological dig in northern Iraq where he manages to free pazuzu from his tomb.After that it shoots to 12 year old Regan who after some time starts playing up so her mother sends her for man test some including a disturbing carotid angiography

So after One of Regans mothers party's a man is found dead outside the house down a flight of stairs so after this Regans mother Chris MacNeil gets in touch with a priest specially after the crab walk

So in the final scene after a lot of projectile vomit Father Merrin and Father Karras preform the exorcism but father Father Merrin ends up dying and Father Karras tries to complete the exorcism on his own but fails and ends up fighting Regan/Pazuzu and telling the demon to take him not her then for a brief moment we see pazuzu and Father Karras ends up throwing himself out the window and down the stairs.

What makes the film all the more disturbing it was plagued by mishaps with cast and crew being injured or dying so this is why in my eyes the exorcist will all ways be one of the best and scariest horror films ever made!


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