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I am so excited for this movie. So freaking excited. I loved Jurassic Park, the next two were still pretty great, and Jurassic World is looking to be the most intense, action-packed, star-studded dinosaur thriller in a very long time. So with the huge Super Bowl trailer release, I've decided to break down the new trailer...because it's simply that awesome.

Jurassic World Trailer 2

It wouldn't be much help to break down the trailer if you still haven't seen it, right? Well, don't worry. I have the trailer right here for you. Take it nice and easy, because it gets pretty intense by the end.

Run! Run as fast as you can, hide, get off the island before it's too late. If you don't, you'll most likely end up as dinosaur dinner. Or...stay with me and face the terrifying as I break down the trailer and reveal what new horrors await the unfortunate souls who decided to visit Isla Nublar.


So Shy She's Dangerous

Okay folks, she's a little shy so give her a hand when she comes out

Thus says the most likely doomed, female tour guide right before the feeding show. As much as the shot is incredibly wicked awesome, I have a pretty big suspicion those words are used out of context. Trailers have a thing where they use quotes from the actual movie in different places to build tension, and I have a pretty good guess that she's actually introducing tourists to the Indomius Rex. But first, behold the Mosasaurus Feeding...

Why do I think it's the Indominus Rex that she's actually referencing here? If you've watched any other Jurassic Park movie, you'll know that the most terrifying, predatory dinosaurs always hide right before the kill. So I think what they mistake for shyness, is in fact a sign that someone's about to go down.

So Many People...

One thing that many people noticed about [Jurassic World](movie:32752) is that there are so many people on the island this time. We're not being thrown into a park that's struggling to make ends meet. We're not running alongside a team of four or six people and two screaming, innocent kids. This time we're sailing to a tourist island, a bright, happy zoo filled with people and dinosaurs. There's hundreds of kids, hundreds of adults, and hundreds of starving dinosaurs who smell the scent of warm human.

We aren't going to be treated with a scanty Dino lunch of three or four people. No, the dinosaurs get a feast this time. This time they dine like gods. That is unless some heroic keeper stops them first...

Meet Chris Pratt - The Man of the Year

First, he was Star-Lord in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) and now he's...he's. Hmmm...well we don't know his name yet, but he's Chris Pratt and he's acting in Jurassic World so he's going to be officially heroically awesome.

Indominus Rex is coming. It will try to eat everyone on Isla Nublar, including Chris Pratt. But Chris Pratt has tamed raptors, he's going after the Indominus Rex with everything he's got, and he's not alone. He has one heck of a beautiful girlfriend at his side...

This Will Give the Parents Nightmares

We have a new attraction. Think it will scare the kids?
This will give the parents nightmares.
You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.

The Indominus Rex will give parents nightmares. It'll scare the kids and adults alike. It will eat people. Heck, we've already seen two deaths in the trailers alone. That's ominous.

You remember when you thought the T-Rex from the first Jurassic Park movie was bad? Well, say goodbye to those peaceful dreams. Jurassic World is giving us something much, much worse. Something so much more deadly, heartless, and hungry.

And this is why I believe that tour guide lady (from above) is talking about the Indominus Rex. It appears to hide and then strike, devour quickly, and then disappear back into the shadows. I can tell you one thing - a giant Dino hiding behind bushes is the last thing you want to see.

The Killing Sport

It's killing for sport...

Chris Pratt states the cold, hard truth. The Indominus Rex is the cat, and the humans are the ball. It's killing for sport; it's merely playing with the humans. That's scary for numerous reasons.

It's on the loose, it's hunting just to be hunting, and it doesn't care what it kills. I have a horrible suspicion that someone is going to get eaten for sport before the movie ends. In fact, probably more than just one someone. The Indominus Rex is probably going to keep killing until it's killed itself.

We'll Need Some Backup

This is our first good look at the Indominus Rex. It's a little hard to tell size proportions from this shot; after all, those could be trees or those could be bushes. However, I have a feeling the Indominus Rex is pretty dang monstrous. Why? Take a good look below.

Here we have Chris Pratt and some unfortunate soul who ends up as Dinosaur chow. They come up to the Indominus Rex's ankle or so, so this thing is basically capable of squashing anyone in sight, tearing cement walls down, and pretty much everything else horribly terrifying.

It appears that it's going to take some heavy artillery to take this baby down, and I'm guessing even with a huge gun, the Indominus Rex isn't going to go down easily. It's going to be a bloody fight to the end.

Watch out! Oh god. Poor unfortunate soul.
Watch out! Oh god. Poor unfortunate soul.

Return of the Dark Corner

And thus returns the dark corner. It's a legendary movie scene, where a monster is hiding in the dark, waiting for some terrified human to stumble into the darkness. Be warned, this movie is definitely going to be filled with jump-scares, dark corners, and shadowy monsters who jump out on poor souls and gobble them up.

Indominus Rex Has Air Support

Not only are their dinosaurs on ground tearing humans limb from limb, there's Pterodactyls now. They'll go for any kind of aircraft that the humans try to use to take the dinosaurs down and help the Indominus Rex kill everyone in sight.

At this point, I'd seriously hate myself for going to Isla Nubla. You can't win. Either you're being hunted by giant ground dinosaurs who tear you bone from bone, or else you're picked up by a flying dinosaur and probably eaten or dashed to pieces on the ground below. Right now? Chances for survival are past slim. Pretty much accept your fate of being Dinosaur food.

Let The Battle Begin...

Chris Pratt is leading a team to go after the Indominus Rex one last time, and he's not alone. Flanked by raptors, our heroic Star-Lord/Man-of-the-year is going to take down Isla Nublar's devil or else he'll die trying.

This is a battle I'm very excited in seeing. Expect tragic raptor deaths, some adrenaline-spiking running and gun-firing, and hopefully a final roar and boom of the Indominus Rex's body as Chris Pratt finishes him off.

So there you have it. Are you excited for Jurassic World or are you plain scared stiff that you may get eaten along with the thousands of tourists on Isla Nubla.


Are you excited for Jurassic World's Indominus Rex?


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