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Ryan Danger Dunbrack

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BREAKING NEWS: Teen Titans TNT show revealed that the pilot, will include the lineup of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Hawk and Dove, Raven and Starfire. This is only the pilot so is there possibility that major players Cyborg and Beast Boy could appear on the show? Because Cyborg is in the movies now it's most likely they are not able to use him on the small screen.

Beast Boy is a different case because it's TV and every week using his powers live action would basically be a small budget gigantic mess would most likely confirm this show does not get past the pilot!

The lineup makes sense having pre-Oracle though she will already be in a wheelchair. Also, seeing Dick Grayson as only Robin.. Being a boston detective after his recent departure from the Bat-Family sort of makes it sound like, why not just give us Nightwing?

There is the possibility we could see Batgirl or Batman in flashbacks though which would be freaking amazing. As well as most likely by the end of the first season Robin is officially Nightwing and Barbara Gordon is officially Oracle, though they pretty much are already just not going by the names following in the footprints of Arrow.

The show has great potential to be a great show and I really hope it is, what do you think of this lineup? Was there any snub bigger than the Lego Movie? Comment down below, and let me know!


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