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1. Agent Of Shield television star, Chloe Bennett who plays Skye who is also known as Daisy after the big revel in episode 10 of season 2 has took up the role of inhuman Quake and could also be doing so for 2018s Marvels Inhumans which will be released the 2nd of November.

2. They have been NO confirmed actors yet for the inhumans movie. We could possibly see Chloe Bennett take up her role as Quake but that is a maybe with talks soon to be happening. They have been rumours of Vin Diesel taking up the role of an inhuman but at this very moment there are only rumours.

3. We also know the blue alien from Agents Of Shield season 1 episode 14 entitled T.A.H.I.T.I was a kree like most of us considered it to be. This was confirmed in Guardians of the Galaxy when Nova Prime was talking to a kree leader, has for how the kree came to be on Earth is still unknown.

4. There hasn't been any word or rumour of the inhumans staring in Avengers Infinity War part 1 or 2. It has been confirmed that the inhumans will have an impact on Avengers Infinity War but that is it. So at this moment we don't know if we will be seeing the inhumans team up with the Avengers and Guardians for the final battle against the mad titan Thanos.

5. Agents Of Shield in season 2 part 2 are gonna have 2 on going stories well 3 in away. Number 1 is obviously Coulson trying to rebuild Shield and stop hydra rising anymore then they already have. Number 2 obviously the Inhuman story line we're gonna be taking a deeper look into Skye/Daisy's new found powers as well as new character Lincoln who has been confirmed as an inhuman. And number 3 Bobby's secret, many will of noticed she spoke to Mack about something only them 2 knew about, they are hiding something from the time and were soon going to find out.


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