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If you had forgotten about the upcoming TNT live-action series Titans, based on the DC comics team, I wouldn't blame you. The show, though already abuzz with chatter and anticipation, has been drowned out recently by the abuzz and anticipation of Arrow and Flash storylines and of course the DC Cinematic Universe chatter. Then there's Gotham and Constantine and heck, even the 'LEGO Batman 3' videogame has been getting some buzz recently. There simply just isn't any room in our mind to remember that this show is a thing that is actually happening!

But regardless of whether or not you remembered the Titans show, today's news should either delight you and disappoint you; depending on if you're a fan of the Teen Titans and/or which incarnation of the team you like most!

Many TT fans, including myself, assumed that the new live-action roster would consist of the same team that previous television endeavors did; Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. With the exception of Robin who it was revealed from the get go would be using the Nightwing persona. This is not the case.


While Dick Grayson will indeed be in the Nightwing costume, according to The Nerdist the show will only have 3 out of 5 of the original team! So who's making the cut?


Real name Koriand'r. Starfire is from the fictional planet Tamaran. She's been a member of the Teen Titans (both in the comics and the series) the Outlaws and though she's never been an official member, she's assisted the Justice League a few times as well.

She has super-strength, Supersonic flight and can survive in the vacuum of space! She also has linguistic assimilation, which means she can learn other languages instantly. She does this by kissing a person who knows the language she is trying to learn. Yes, kissing them.

Guess Rosetta Stone wasn't cutting it...
Guess Rosetta Stone wasn't cutting it...


The half-human, half-demon daughter of the powerful demon Trigon, Raven is a powerful magical being. She has a variety of mystical powers including Astral Projection, Teleportation, Telepathy and flight!

She's a prominent member of the Teen Titans (both the show and the comics) and has helped the Justice League a number of times. Mainly Wonder Woman and Zatanna, or an other members who dabble with the spiritual or astral side. In the New 52 run of comics, Raven has gotten a noticeable costume change. It's possible they could use this costume for the show.

Hawk and Dove

Hawk and Dove! Though they're a big part of the Justice League and the DC comics continuity itself, not many people know about this superhero team. I myself had all but forgotten them until I heard they would be in the new Titans show. Hawk and Dove have both been in the Teen Titans comics (the comics and a cameo in the show). Reportedly, the show will be using the New 52 incarnation of the duo. The New 52 consist of Hank Hall (Hawk) and Dawn Granger (Dove), while the original consisted of Hank and his brother, Don.

Hawk and Dove possess a power known as "danger sense transformation" which allows them to gain superhuman strength, unlimited stamina, enhanced speed and agility. Hawk relies on Dove to keep his violent suppressed. Without her, his rage becomes uncontrollable!

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon has never been a member of the Teen Titans, but has had a long relationship (both work-wise and romantic) with member Dick Grayson. In this version, Barbara, once the superheroine Batgirl finds herself in a wheelchair. Not letting that slow her down, she becomes the teams computer hacker and information specialist. Though she's apparently never referred to as Oracle in the pilot, it's clear that her character in the show is reflecting her run as Oracle in the comics.

Barbara is incredibly intelligent! To her, there are no such things as firewalls or encrypted passwords. She can get into any mainframe like it's a bag of potato chips! But don't let the wheelchair fool you, she's also a master of the martial arts! Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, she continued to train using eskrima fighting sticks, firearms and batarangs!

Personally, I love the roster! Granted I wish they would have included Beast Boy and Cyborg. Of course, this is reportedly only the roster seen in the pilot and the Titans are a lot like a young Justice League; always adding or replacing members. (not to be confused with Young Justice, a similar team consisting of Titans members who have become young adults and other young adult heroes)

Everyone in the roster also have ties to other big superheros in the DC universe, which means that the show could easily crossover with other DC shows, like Arrow or Flash. Whether or not there are any plans for that to happen is yet to be announced.

So what do you think of the new Titans team?


What do you think of the live-action Titans team?

Source: The Nerdist


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