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Few people believe that Jennifer Aniston is 42 years old, since she is one of the few Hollywood stars who remains so well without undergoing large plastic or cosmetic surgeries. From her hair to her face and her body, Brad Pitt's ex will not miss any details. I'm going to tell you her secrets! But...shhhh...

Her hair...ahhh

Her hair is already an icon of the American television, and is deeply envied. But it was not always so. Aniston had to change her curly dark hair and smooth hair with blond steaks and a haircut to show her forehead to play Rachel Greene in the most amazing comedy "Friends".

Over the seasons each time were lowering her over the amount of hair with more pronounced for framing her face layers. And the secret to it's luster and shinning hair not so secret. Aniston goes to the salon every two weeks to do all kind of massages.

The head massage as well as being a relaxation technique are also an ideal way to stimulate the growth of healthy hair and skin to mobilize the scalp, which promotes a better and more fluid circulation on your head. The renewed blood supply has numerous benefits for hair, and also for our appearance. First, nourishes the hair follicles, thus improving the health and growth of the hair. It also promotes the possibilities of generating new hair and also has a deep revitalizing able to relax and refuel positive actions, as it we were staying injecting vitality to the entire skin covering our skull. It also stimulates oxygenation and blood flow to the skull. It promotes the best absorbtion for the necesary nutrients.

Her eyebrows

Each person has a special type of eyebrows to his face. For example, Jennifer Lopez's eyebrows don't fit to anyone, and the secret to look your best is to go to a specialist to tell you which eyebrows shape looks better on you.

Thats what she does every year. Jennifer Aniston has a group of specialist well prepared to make her look the way she is supposed to for each movie part. This group of specialists advises how to use them and they also help other famous stars like Madonna,Oprah, and Reese Witherspoon. Aniston not only stained them to fit well with her hair, but she also waxes them, so they are not too thin but with an arched shape, which is the best that goes with face of the actress.

If you have thick eyebrows, shave them only in the area between the eyebrows. When you wear makeup brush them with a soft frush and use a touch of Vaseline to make them flash. If you wear makeup most of the times, and you want to color them up, choose a color pencil of your eyebrow color. Avoid black, because it looks unnatural. It is the best to opt for the combination of colors like brown and grey. If you want to give them volume, brush them from side to side. In terms of shape, not always favir your face. To change that do the following: with a special eyebrow pencil vertically at the outer edge of the nostril and the inner eye, put the pen angled half your eye and then the outer edge of it. These three points shoud be marked with a pencil for dark eyebrows, since they represent the oncet, peak and end of your eyebrows.

Her body.... ufff mama!

Every time she looks more and more muscular, and stronger and hotter! Jennifer Aniston, over six years ago she is a fan of "Yogalosophy" which is the philosophy of yoga. She's still doing this discipline of 3-5 times a week plus the same amount of aerobic exercise. As for her diet, it's not very clear. But she had said many times that she had never made diet. She just eats in good portions and very healthy.

However the secret lies in getting Macroline injections in various parts of her body like the chest, allowing shape, enhance and reinforce the chosen parts. Her face; on the other hand, Aniston does not spend so much money on special treatments. Apart from Botox, she daily washes her face with a mild soap brand Amber Bar, the same she use since she was a teenager.


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