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So, I was thinking, what would be the BEST school ever? As in, who would be the best teachers, the best facilities, etc. After I had a while to think, here it is, I give you: The Best School Ever.

So, in no particular order, let's take a look at our teachers.


Dr. G. House

Worth a try

Dr. A. F. Fowler

An odd team, but hopefully effective...ish.


Mr. S. Holmes

Not elementary actually, Watson. I was thinking more for high school or university.

*Bad joke alert*

Mr. W. White

(complete with a yearbook photo below)

**Yet again a very odd mixture, but maybe effective. Although any kind of drugs test and they'd both be screwed. **


Dr. S. Cooper

It would be wrong not to include him on this list. I guess he'd be a good choice, despite perhaps his hatred for children.

Mr. A. Stark

Yeah if your'e wondering, that wasn't a typo. Turns out, (little known fact here) "Tony" Stark's real name is Anthony. Who'd have thought huh.


Dr. I. Jones

Although there'd probably be a lot of speculation about the whip he keeps under his desk.

Prof. R. Langdon

Eh, why not.


Mr. S. Pilgrim

Mr. D. Grohl

Finally, somebody real.


Mr. W. Shakespeare

I've heard he was pretty good.


Let's just call him sir.

Well, why can't a psychopath teach psychology? Oh wait, I think there is a pretty good reason. Okay screw that idea, let's try someone else.

Mr. W. Kovacs

Okay, getting closer...

Mr. Urm...?

Yes. There is our psychology teacher.

So, let's take a look at everyone else involved.

School Nurse

The Bus Driver

The Head Teacher

Now let's take a look at the facilities:

Take a good look...

Yes. Yes that is the millennium falcon.

So there it is. The best school ever. Now do you feel like this?

Or not?

Any more ideas for teachers? Feel free to write them in the comments, I'd love some of your opinions!


Who would be your favorite teacher?


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