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The internet is truly a marvelous thing at times, especially when it's chock full of movie sleuths like the folks over at Think McFly Think: the site recently discovered photos of Brandon Routh, who is about to don the spandex of Atom on [Arrow](series:720988) (and his own show, soon enough) performing a screen test for the unfinished Superman: Flyby film by McG.

While the film flopped, Routh nevertheless suited up as the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. He's no stranger to geek entertainment: Along with Superman and The Atom, Brandon Routh starred as super-vegan Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.

What I find particularly interesting about this recent discovery is the recent reveal of Superman's new comic book costume, which looks a whole lot like this one (save for the missing red underwear).

Not to say that there's any correlation between the two - Superman has always had a fairly faithful design scheme - but it's definitely interesting to see both of these at once.


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