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It's no question that Catherine Zeta-Jones has always been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

The Welsh actress swept us off our feet and danced her way into our hearts back in 1998 after playing the feisty sword-wielding, bodice-wearing Elena alongside Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro.

I mean, was this not one of the most erotic scenes of the '90s?

She was such an integral part to the film that she reprised her role of Elena again in the 2005 sequel, The Legend of Zorro. To the surprise of no one, her role in Zorro launched her into other successful films that we've all enjoyed over the years such as...

Entrapment (1999)

Where she taught us her cunning ways, catlike reflexes, and her ability to walk through lasers.

America’s Sweethearts (2001)

When she again worked alongside her High Fidelity costar, John Cusack, but this time also with Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, and Hank Azaria.

Chicago (2002)

Who could forget her stellar performance as the jazz starlet turned murderess, Velma Kelly, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress?

The Terminal (2004)

A couple of years later and CZJ played a flight attendant and love interest opposite of Tom Hank's character in this Stephen Spielberg film.

Ocean’s 12 (2004)

Or how about when she played a badass Europol Detective trying to catch Ocean's men, while also trying to not fall back in love with Brad Pitt? Clearly an impossible task.

Side Effects (2013)

And more recently, as the conniving and manipulative Dr. Victoria Siebert from Steven Soderbergh's psychological thriller, [Side Effects](movie:319864).

Since around 2009, Zeta-Jones has maintained a steady career, but with noticeably less titles to her name. She took a brief hiatus from acting after being diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. Still, it's great to see that she seems to be doing better and we're always glad to see her on the silver screen!

As it the case with anyone who is breathtakingly stunning in Hollywood, some people have been questioning CZJ's smooth complexion and general lack of aging, quickly chalking it up to her getting work done.

Photos recently arose of the actress alongside her husband Michael Douglas at the Phoenix House Public Service Award Dinner in New York City, where she looked somewhat different from the actress we've grown to love over the last 17 years.

She's still recognizable, but her newly coppered hair and camera flash doesn't appear to be helping the accusations. Of course, this is not to say that the 45-year-old actress doesn't look beautiful as always.

Still, we can't deny that she looks paler and smoother than she did even earlier this year at the Golden Globes, which also sparked a lot of commentary regarding the actress' apparent refusal to age.

This speculation regarding the definite shift in CZJ's look has been swirling around not just since awards season, but for the last few years. And while we as a society are very quick to jump to unnecessary surgical conclusions, Catherine Zeta-Jones may have never even gone under the knife!

According to professionals like Annemarie Gillett, Non Surgical Director from Transform Cosmetic Surgery and Dr Yannis Alexandrides, MD at 111 Harley St, we can likely actually attribute her fresh-faced look to non-surgical procedures such as: regular facial peels, temporary dermal fillers, laser treatments, and weight loss.

Still, as it's been brought into discussion a lot as of late, it's worth mentioning that it's interesting, and perhaps concerning, that someone as beautiful as CZJ even needs to go through any procedures to achieve an "aging gracefully" look.

Although her change in appearance is not as drastic as Renée Zellweger's in October of last year, should it be the norm that actresses over the age of 40 feel the need to turn to procedures, surgical or non, to maintain a youthful look? These women are being told that to remain relevant they should "age gracefully," but if they do we then begin to investigate and judge them on why they don't look as if they've aged enough. It's a tricky balance.

I mean, unless you're Meryl Streep (and even if you're Meryl), it's increasingly difficult to get cast in roles the older an actress gets, not the least of which because there are so very few roles in Hollywood for leading women over the age of 40.

As we've said before, we here at Moviepilot are far from a group that wants to judge or should be judging anyone based on looks because, quite frankly, CZJ is more beautiful at 20 or 45 than any of us combined. Whether or not Catherine Zeta-Jones has gotten work done, we really don't care as long as she's happy.

But whatever the case, it's definitely time for Hollywood to reevaluate its standards towards actresses over 40 and offer them roles other than the love interest or the dreaded witch.


What do you guys think? Is Catherine Zeta-Jones as recognizable as always?


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