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1.Waverly Hills Sanato

Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened as a tuberculosis hospital. At the time, tuberculosis was an extremely deadly disease. People have said that the place is haunted by some of the 63,000 patients who died at the hospital.

Mary Hillenburg was found hanging from the doorway in Room 502. At first, it was suspected that she committed suicide, as she had recently been impregnated by a married doctor. Instead, it was found out that the doctor staged the suicide after Mary died during the abortion he gave her.

2.Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

On the outskirts of Chicago lies one of the most haunted cemeteries, anywhere. The graveyard was originally the burial place for an immigrant community in 1844. It is rumoured that gangsters would dump dead bodies into the pond next to the cemetery. There are also rumours that satanists still perform dark magic inside on the cemetery grounds.

A White Lady is said to appear during the time of full moons. Ghost hunters have searched the cemetery and reported seeing numerous erratic orbs, which they believe is proof of a ghostly presence.

3. Lemp Mansion

The Lemp family arrived at this place in 1839 and soon they all committed suicide. The first suicide death occurred in 1904 when William Lemp killed himself after the death of his favourite son three years earlier. Three of William's children also committed suicide. William's daughter, Elsa, killed herself in 1920, her brother William Jr. shot himself years later when the family business went under, and her brother Charles shot himself in the basement in 1949. The mansion has since been turned into an Inn and Restaurant. The inn and Restaurant also arranges paranormal tours, murder mystery dinners, and Halloween parties.


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