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Fans of Star Wars and candy, rejoice! Ultra fan-turned-candy artist, Crummy Gummy, recently unveiled his latest project: A life-sized remake of Darth Vader's helmet, made entirely out of gummy bears!


The sticky headpiece took roughly 65 hours to make, and isn't the first that Crummy Gummy has created - if the name didn't give that away.

The artist had a few notes to share about the piece:

Each individual bear is coated with polyurethane. This way the gummy bears are protected, don't attract insects and last a very long time... I only used the red and orange ones; I had to properly dispose of the other colours by eating them.

All I want to do right now is eat snacks and watch Star Wars, so if that's the affect that Crummy Gummy was hoping for, it's working.

Crummy Gummy's geek art doesn't stop there: if it can be made using gummy bears, the artist will make it, and pop culture icons are the highlight of Crummy Gummy's gallery.

Make sure to check out Crummy Gummy's gallery, and support the artist by checking out their shop.


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