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Tyler Posey said in July that production on Season 5 was set to begin "in December." He now says their hiatus will be extended. Filming is now slated to begin in February 2015.

Jeff Davis and the other writers are currently working on the story arc for the season and have begun meeting with actors to discuss character development.

On December 27, 2014, showing the title Creatures of the Night with the caption "Back at it."

Teen Wolf Writer/Producer Eric Wallace says the season will begin airing in June of 2015.

Just like Seasons 3 and 4, Season 5 will be partially funded by the State of California through tax credits available to television productions.

The funding will ensure that Teen Wolf will be filmed within the state of California and production on Season 5 will begin during the state's fiscal year 2015.

Teen Wolf will get $11,579,373.00 from the state to offset "Qualified Spending."

producers expect to spend $46,317,491.00 over the 20 episodes. They will film during a 183 day period, employ 5160 stand-ins and extras and 130 crew members. 20 actors are considered "cast." This includes the regular characters, guest stars, and minor speaking roles.

That puts the Teen Wolf Season 5 cost-per-episode estimate at $2.3 million.

When you’re on the Beacon Hills police force, surviving the night is a remarkable feat, but the station’s newest recruit, Jordan Parrish, has performed like a suburban Superman. And now, we might know how.

On last night’s “Teen Wolf” episode, after Officer Stilinski summoned Lydia to the police station to try to unlock a second part of The Benefactor’s dead pool, Parrish proposed the idea that Lydia was a psychic. Since Stilinski didn’t want to admit he was privy to the goings-on of the supernatural, he played dumb, but the idea that Lydia’s skills were so obvious to Parrish sat with him.

Later, after some intense stress, and with the help of Eichen House break-out Meredith, Lydia found a second key — “Aiden” — and plugged it into the code she’d unknowingly transcribed. In an instant, her computer’s jumbled letters and numbers were reduced to a list of names and values, and included among the identities of the creatures who had yet to be killed was Jordan Parrish himself. The price on his head: a cool $5 million. Not too shabby for a guy who hasn’t even shown his true stripes yet!

So, in hindsight, are you surprised that Parrish is on the list? And, more importantly, what do you think he is?

Parrish – What is Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley)? He survived being burned alive, and he seemed just as confused as everybody else. He clearly has some sort of power, but no one knows what kind of supernatural creature he is. Common fan theories include a phoenix or a dragon. The Season 5 premiere might finally reveal what he is or at least explore his power more.

Peter – Peter (Ian Bohen) is in a bad place. Literally. He’s in Eichen House, the creepy mental institution, with several other supernatural bad guys. He was with Dr. Valack (Steven Brand) and was forced to look into his third eye. While it was supposed to be a punishment that would weaken him, Peter is a cunning villain who could probably break out of a mental hospital, regardless of anyone who tries to stop him.

Desert Wolf – Malia’s (Shelley Hennig) biological mother remained a mystery throughout “Teen Wolf” Season 4. She only knows her mother's nickname, but she wants to track her mother down. At the end of the season finale, Braeden (Meagan Tandy) told Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) that she had been looking for someone named Desert Wolf on her last mission as a U.S. marshal. She could never find her target. Davis already revealed that her mother would play a big part in Season 5.

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