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It's been a while since I've done some hardcore speculation for the DC Cinematic Universe, but over the past weekend, I couldn't help but allow my mind start to wander. I began to imagine far into the future of DC's movies. While doing so, I've come to a theory that heavily involves Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El, or better known as "[Supergirl](series:2246875)".

Let's take a look at two of my suspicions of why Supergirl is ready for the big screen, why she could show up in the DCCU, and more specifically, a Superman sequel.

Her Ever Growing Popularity

Supergirl has always been a familiar face, even to the general audience; maybe not so much because of her origin or any other stories but mostly because she was essentially the "female Superman". Plus, merchandise of hers, usually the iconic "S" on female clothing whether it be traditional Supergirl colors or pink, sell very well to female consumers of all ages.

But now, things are going a bit beyond more than just merchandise. CBS is set to debut Supergirl in her very own series starring Melissa Benoist (more on that here: CBS' Supergirl Officially Confirmed!), this brings the attention of Supergirl to the forefront of the general audience's attention.

Melissa Benoist star of CBS' Supergirl
Melissa Benoist star of CBS' Supergirl

I'm not saying CBS' Supergirl will be in the DCCU. She clearly exists in a separate universe. But even if the movies and television series stay apart from each other, I've noticed that a lot of times, companies will try to use comics, or more recently, television, to sort of test the waters to see how people receive certain characters or ideas. Supergirl's already gotten some fame due to Laura Vandervoort's portrayal of the character in Smallville and other inclusions in animated films like Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Superman Unbound.

Now, one could argue that Green [Arrow](series:720988) is nowhere near getting his own movie, but, who's to say that he won't make an appearance in Justice League 1 or Justice League 2? With both movies several years away, I wouldn't rule out that idea completely. Same goes for Supergirl, I don't really anticipate her getting her own solo movie, however I could very easily see her getting included as a key character in the next Superman solo film.

Especially considering the fact that she already exists in the DCCU!

Supergirl Already Exists in the DCCU!?

Right before [Man of Steel](movie:15593) was to be released, there was the announcement of a prequel comic for the movie written by David Goyer and Zack Snyder; you'd recognize both names as they belong to the men who made Man of Steel a reality.

It excited me (still does actually) to know that this much groundwork was being laid into Superman's lore. I don't believe it was a fleeting effort to build more hype for the movie, although that may have been a large portion of it, but it came out of nowhere almost and the parallels to the movie are very evident.

In this prequel comic you meet Kara Zor-El on Krypton as he runs through some training program in order to become a captain of her very own ship. She faces a tough moment when her friend is killed by the hands of another Kryptonian.

She ends up overpowering her attacker, the one who murdered her friend and due to her quick-witted determination and level-headed focus, she was awarded the role of becoming captain of her own ship. Her and her team were meant to search the galaxy for other inhabitable worlds to terraform so that Krypton could grow beyond just one planet. This was even referenced by Russel Crowe's character, Jor-El, in the beginning of Man of Steel when he speaks to the Kryptonian council about their planet's impending doom and how he can save their race if they'd relinquish the codex (the cataloged DNA of all Kryptonian bloodlines) to him.

Well, in the prequel comic to Man of Steel, when Kara takes off in her ship, she is placed into a sleep stasis that is supposed to be for several years. When she finally wakes up, she sees that all of her crew are dead and that there is one survivor who shouldn't have even been on the ship, the same man who killed her boyfriend on Krypton. He has revenge on his mind and wants to make Kara answer for actions she took which eventually ruined his life.

A fight ensues and the ship's course is redirected to make an emergency crash landing on Earth. It is then abandoned by Kara and don't here from her ever again.

Where does she run off to? No one knows. Plus, the dating of this ship in Man of Steel was around 20,000 years old, that would make Kara quite the elderly person. But who knows how long Kryptonians can live on Earth in the DCCU. All I'm saying is that this was all written for a reason and I believe we could very well see this very same Kara show up in the future.

Now, the fun part, let's talk about what the storyline she'd be perfect for and how it could all work out.

The Story Inspiration: Superman/Batman: Supergirl

A great read if you haven't arleady
A great read if you haven't arleady

In the awesome graphic novel, Superman/Batman: Supergirl, which collects several issues of the Superman/Batman comic series, we are treated to a brilliantly story of Supergirl's first arrival to Earth. The story was created by the late Michael Turner whose work stood out and influenced several other comic creators in years to come.

This story that Turner told was amazing and was what made me appreciate Supergirl more as a character able to stand on her own. The book was so popular that it helped start her a brand new series in 2005, the same year that her story was told in Superman/Batman.

The story was so popular that not only did it help bring awareness to how great a character Kara Zor-El is, but it also was the basis of the DC Animation film, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

One of my favorite animated features
One of my favorite animated features

But I'm getting off track, let me tell you how elements of this story could be very easily incorporated into the DCCU.

Supergirl: Servant of Darkseid

First off, I am making this first assumption that Superman's next solo film would take place between the first and second Justice League film and that Darkseid was not the main villain in the first Justice League movie.

As I've said above, the Superman/Batman: Supergirl story would play a heavy influence into the film. One of the biggest takeaways from this would be having Kara Zor-El acting as one of Darkseid's prized warriors.

Supergirl and Darkseid
Supergirl and Darkseid

In Superman/Batman: Supergirl, after Kara had arrived to Earth, it was Darkseid who saw Supergirl potentially being one of the most powerful warriors to ever live.

He captured her, brainwashed her, and made her believe that she would reign forever in the service of Darkseid.

Like I said, we'd assume, for this portion of the article, that Darkseid has now shown up in the DCCU. But in this scenario, while Darkseid would have his minions scouting the universe, they'd come across Earth for the very first time (remember, the ship Kara arrived in is dated over 20,000 years in Man of Steel) and just as they were about to dismiss the planet due to its primitive inhabitants the ship that Kara crashed in would catch his attention.

Darkseid brooding
Darkseid brooding

Darkseid would monitor her for a while, considering her presence on the planet Earth would be odd considering what they had seen. What they would see is a woman growing stronger and stronger thanks to the strength of the yellow sun. Kara, would then wander through the Earth, helping people in times of need (maybe that could explain Stonehenge and the Pyramids...just kidding).

But once her strength had been assessed long enough, Darkseid would send for capture. She would undergo some intense brainwashing from Darkseid and his scientists. Her will would be broken, twisted, and set on the path of darkness and destruction.

This would all be a prologue type material or flashback scenes throughout the film as more and more of Kara's character is discovered by Superman.

What Is Darkseid's Motive in the Sequel?


Now, the motive has to be set, why would Darkseid seize the opportunity to take Kara so many years ago but not come for Clark or anyone else in the Justice League? Well, that's the whole point of the movie actually. Thinking that Kara, who has served Darkseid for so long, was the only treasure Earth had to offer him, would have never paid much attention to Earth, especially considering that her arrival on Earth was all pure luck and coincidence.

Superman battles Zod in Man of Steel
Superman battles Zod in Man of Steel

But it would be the events that take place in Man of Steel, [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), and Justice League 1 that would catch his eye. Here he thought he had the greatest thing from Earth, now there beings coming out of nowhere with tremendous power. But the one that he really wants to make his own would be Superman, considering the enormity of his power.

Now, this being a solo Superman film, wouldn't mean that characters like Wonder Woman or even Aquaman couldn't make an appearance as I'm sure Darkseid would like to get his hands on them, but this would not be a team-up film, it would be a Superman-central story.

Another incentive for Darkseid to come after Superman would be the fact that the both of them bear the House of El symbol on their chest, the traditional "S" emblem we see on their chests.

Sorry, sorry, forget "Hope" starts with "S"
Sorry, sorry, forget "Hope" starts with "S"

Now, one might wonder, if there is 20,000 years (more or less) between Superman and Kara, what links them? Well, first off, they are both members of the House of El. Kara could have easily been a thousandth cousin or something . Either way, we know there is a link between the two of them because the same ship that Clark finds in Man of Steel is the same ship that Kara flew when it crashed, which kind of explains why his suit just so happened to be prepared for his arrival. Plus her long life span could be attributed to experiments Darkseid might have performed on her while on Apocalypse.

The suit's reveal on Kara's ship in Man of Steel
The suit's reveal on Kara's ship in Man of Steel

Having Supergirl in the movie could provide a great emotional aspect to the entirety of the film. We all know how distraught Superman was at the end of Man of Steel when he had to kill off the last surviving member of his race, thus leaving him utterly alone in a lot of ways. Seeing Kara for the first time, I think she should be wearing some extremely dark outfit of Darkseid's design, but with the "S" still integrated into the suit. Seeing this "S" on Kara's outfit would be as jarring for Superman as it was for Captain America to realize that Bucky Barnes was the Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Seeing the symbol on Superman's chest would be almost as jarring for Kara as well, she would have served Darkseid for thousands of years and never felt a connection, but seeing the symbol on Superman's chest would trigger something inside (perhaps this would be when first set of flashbacks begin to play in the film).

Superman kills Zod
Superman kills Zod

But because Superman doesn't want to kill again, especially another Kryptonian, and even more especially one that is possibly family, he would begin to pull his punches. On the flip-side of that, Kara would only hesitate for a moment, but since all she can remember is what Darkseid has taught her and possibly believing that the "S" on Superman's chest is a trick of the enemy, she'd unleash some Kryptonian female rage on Superman like Faora did in Man of Steel.


What Would be the Outcome of the Film?

Well, I don't want to write a whole film here, but I do want to provide key moments. I think the best possible option would be for a majority of the film or at least a large portion of the last half be Superman on Apocalypse trying to fight, trying to escape, and feeding this unsatiable desire to see Kara saved even though hope looks lost considering her devotion to Darkseid.

But I would have be to where Superman is about to leave Apocalypse via "boom tube" (how Darkseid travels between worlds so quickly) to the Fortress of Solitude where maybe some Kryptonian relics (like the small pod Kal-El arrived to Earth in), and he would be getting the tar kicked out of him as he tried to show her and remind her where she came from. Finally, it would click in her head, she would have been having doubts for a long time, but meeting Superman and seeing all sorts of reminders would unlock her old memory.

But just like Superman/Batman: Supergirl or Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the battle would not be over yet as Darkseid would step in and begin fighting for the first time in the film. It would be an epic battle, the largest of the film, as Supergirl would be the first one to attack. Her anger would consume her due to the fact that Darkseid manipulated her into doing these evil things for 20,000 years (talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!).

The only difference here would be the fact that the battle would not take place in Smallville in front of the Kent house, but in the cold and snowy environment that Superman's Fortress of Solitude inhabits (and Supergirl would not be wearing casual Earth-girl clothes).

That's a lot of punching!
That's a lot of punching!

This battle would be cool to see as it takes place both inside and outside the Fortress of Solitude. Obviously, it would there would have to come a point where Kara, after wearing Darkseid down quite a bit, would be knocked out of the fight and just before Darkseid goes to kill her, Superman would recover (from the beating he received from Supergirl) and attack Darkseid and end the fight.

I don't have specifics in mind of how Darkseid would be defeated but it wouldn't result in the death of Darkseid, probably a "boom tube" to a barren world where it would be a long time (or till his next on screen appearance) before he'd be found by his minions.


But, that's essentially my projected idea for having the following:

  • A true Man of Steel sequel
  • The first Darkseid appearance in the DCCU
  • Supergirl established in the DCCU

I love the idea of all three personally. Let me know how you would handle any one of these ideas in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll?


Would you like to see Supergirl play a big role in the next Superman solo film?


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