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MARVEL and DC have been constant comic book rivals ever since the beginning of time (or so it seems). DC has Batman, Marvel has Iron-Man. DC has Green Arrow, Marvel has Hawkeye. DC has Catwoman, Marvel has Black Cat. Can you see the trend here? Not only have the two most famous comic book hero/villain writers include their own unique characters, it is interesting to note as to who had the most original idea to begin with. From Jack Kirby and Stan Lee to Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, these creators have constructed our most beloved super-heroes and super-villains of all time. So for fun, I've created a game asking you to choose which characters came first. In other words, was it DC or Marvel who first came up with the idea of a superhero with super speed (Flash or Quicksilver). Click the spoilers to find out the winner. Have fun and good luck!!!


Who Was First? The Flash or Quicksilver?

Winner: The Flash (January 1940); Quicksilver (March 1964)


Who Was First? Black Cat or Catwoman?

Winner: Catwoman (June 1940); Black Cat (July 1979)


Who Was First? Aquaman or Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Winner: Namor the Sub-Mariner (April 1939; though not originally Marvel comics he first debuted in The Golden Age of Comics); Aquaman (November 1941)


Who Was First? Bucky Barnes or Robin?

Winner: Robin (April 1940); Buck Barnes (March 1941)


Who Was First? Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

Winner: Green Arrow (November 1941); Hawkeye (September 1964)


Who Was First? Batman or Iron-Man?

Winner: Batman (May 1939); Iron-Man (March 1963)


Who Was First? Clayface or Sandman?

Winner: Clayface (June 1940); Sandman (September 1963)


Who Was First? Deathstroke or Deadpool?

Winner: Deathstroke (December 1980); Deadpool (February 1991)


Who Was First? Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate?

Winner: Doctor Fate (May 1940); Doctor Strange (July 1963)


Who Was First? Ant-Man or Atom?

Winner: Atom (October 1961); Ant-Man (January 1962)


Who Was First? Swamp Thing or Man-Thing

Winner: This one was VERY close: Man-Thing (May 1971); Swamp Thing (July 1971)


Who Was First? Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic?

Winner: Plastic Man (August 1941); Mr. Fantastic (November 1961)


Who Was First? Martian Manhunter or Vision?

Winner: Martian Manhunter (November 1955); Vision (October 1968)


Who Was First?

Winner: Brainiac (July 1958); Ultron (July 1968)


Last one: Who Was First? Darkseid or Thanos?

Winner: Darkseid (November 1970); Thanos (February 1973)

So there you have it folks! As you can see, DC appeared to have the most original ideas for these comic book characters (out of 15 DC won technically 14 of them; Swamp-Thing and Man-Thing were too close to call).

What kind of other superhero/supervillain equivalent characters are out there? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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