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EDIT : When I read again my post, I thought it was just a loong brainstorming, so if you don't like something like that, you better close this page. For the others, have a nice reading ;)

Hello everyone ! For my second post, I won't continue the first one, as the second part will be posted later, in my third post. For now, let's talk about Phase 3.

For this article, I'm going to talk, first, about my general expectations about the hole Phase 3, which, I remember you, debuts with [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), and ends with Avengers: Infinity War, Part II.

First, you need to refer to the first picture of the article, which shows us the general timeline of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and let us have a general view of what will be the phase. We can see there are 4 sequels : Captain America: Civil War, [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113), Avengers: Infinity War, and Thor: Ragnarok. Also, there are going to be 2 new super-heroes who will be introduced : the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange ; and the Space Warrior Captain Marvel (Black Panther doesn't count as he is set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Captain America sequel before his own solo movie. There is also a new superhuman team which is introduced : the Inhumans.

For me, this phase is going to be the faithful sequel of Phase 2, as it will be, in my mind, an era of diversification for the superhero movie, just in the vein of Guardians of the Galaxy and, hopefully, [Ant-Man](movie:9048), as the first is more a sci-fi movie and the second is set to be a heist movie, and even Captain America: The Winter Soldier had incorporated some espionage movie and political thriller elements in its scenario. Indeed, Phase 3 will set the rise of magic, apocalypse, and superhuman empires, and I think it will be good, as many journalists (in France anyway, I don't know if it is the same on foreign tabloids) are anticipating the possible saturation of superhero movies in the cinemas for next years (although no one is forcing them to go and watch all of those movies).

So, that's it for the general view, let's begin detailling the films.

Nota Bene : Those expectations are based on the fact that the adaptation rights of Fantastic Four and Spiderman are taken back to Marvel Studios, as it is in discussions for Spiderman and that the new Fantastic Four movies might suck (please, make my thoughts right, I want a Civil War with the FF and Spidey T-T)

My god, I've been waiting for sooo long...
My god, I've been waiting for sooo long...

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

This movie will be based on the narrative arc edited by Marvel Comics from 2006 to 2007. It tells the history of the Superhuman Civil War which began after the validation of the Superhuman Registration Act, that opposed Iron-Man and Captain America. This war finally ended after Captain's reddition and, eventually, his death by the hands of Sharon Carter.

  • Consistency about the attitude changes of Tony Stark. Tony is one of the most popular Marvel characters, thanks to the RDJ play as the armored Avenger. Though, the MCU Tony Stark is a little bit different from his Earth-616 counterpart, as he is more irreverent than in the comics. Then, it is one of my greatest fears from this movie : the path from the humoristic play-boy on the border of anti-heroism, to the serious humanist he tends to be. Although, there are many things that can change his mind in Age of Ultron : he is the builder of Ultron (post-trauma, culpability feeling), he might have suffered Scarlet Witch precognitive visions which would have showed him an apocalyptic future caused by superhumans and would have made him think registration for superheroes would be able to avoid this future ; or even his battle against the Hulk. Well, finally, it might not be a problem, but it is still good to share those theories uh ?
  • A violent conflict. Don't make me wrong, I don't want any mutilations or bowels out of the belly. But, to me, this kind of conflict, with two sides we don't want them to fight against each other, must be enough violent to be kept in the viewers mind, because this is perhaps a good lesson about the actual conflicts around the world : both think are right, and good-thinking, but destroy the world more than keep him safe. And this leads to the third part...
  • Captain America's death and importance. Yep, I want Cap dead, but not because I hate Chris Evans (because I like him, he is to Captain America the same as Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron-Man, for me), but because I think it would just be the most incredible, touching, hopeless moment in every superhero movie : because this would be the first time a superhero dies on the big screen (I forgot important, because the way Clint Barton was developped doesn't sound his death in Age of Ultron, if he dies, will have an impact similar to Captain's). But I think he would be resurrected in later films, maybe by Scarlet Witch or Death itself, or using one of the Infinity Stones. Also, I want Bucky Cap. Also, I REALLY hope that the film will focus more on Cap than Iron-Man, as the film itself is called Captain America, and that the movie is more a Captain America than an Avengers movie.
  • Netflix heroes. Okay, I know there only might be the Daredevil series that would've been broadcast at this time but, you must admit that Captain would be sooo alone without Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron-Fist. Jessica Jones wouldn't be part of the conflict because, first, this would'nt be faithful to the comics, but also because...
  • This movie should show how war splits families. Indeed, there would be three families involved in this conflict : the Parker family, the Storm/Fantastic Four family and the Cage-Jones family. Indeed, in their ways, Peter Parker and Luke Cage are those sons, fathers, boyfriends and husbands who go to the front, leaving home, family and friends behind them, as Luke gets involved into the Secret Avengers, and Spidey into the registrated armies, maybe to fight against each other in one of the battles. The Fantastic Four are a more specific case, as the entire team is thought to be a hole family (Red and Sue are the parents, Johnny and Ben are the funny uncle and godfather, and Franklin and Valeria are the children), which end as separated by their thoughts : Red in the Pro-Registration side, and Sue and Johnny in the opposed side, as Ben goes to France (cocorico^^). This would be a great and strong message that would be transmitted by the film.
  • F*CKING THUNDERBOLTS ! Yeah, I want the Thunderbolts, with a precise composition : Baron Zemo (which is going to appear in this movie anyway), Songbird (I just love her), Ghost, Scourge, Crossbones, Penance, Mister X, Bullseye, Mach-V, Venom and Yelena Belova (admit it, a Black Widow vs Black Widow would be a so much good part of this film). That's all for this part.
  • Geopolitics. I just want this movie to show the vision of the SRA of other countries : Canada (ALPHA FLIGHT), Doom's Latveria (holy f*ck, finally a Doctor Doom which would stand as a faithful adaptation) and T'Challa's Wakanda.
  • Also, I want the android Ragnarok, and he would be crushed by Sue at the end of the final battle, because screw it.
Oh gosh, I can't wait for this one...
Oh gosh, I can't wait for this one...

[Doctor Strange](movie:559685) (2016)

Little is known about this movie, except that Benedict Cumberbatch will play the title role, and that Chiwetel Ejiofor is rumored as a cast member. According to Kevin Feige, this will not tell the origin story of the Master of Mystic Arts (THANKS GOODNESS) and will talk about magic is quantum-based and astral projection. As a great fan of every esoteric sciences, I know some things about all those hermetic sciences, and this is what I expect Doctor Strange will show us. I've been thinking about this movie so many times that I've been imagining the hole movie, so there might be many details etc.

  • Energetical planes. According to geobiology, the hole world is divised into several energetical planes. Three are near to each other as they are (from the nearer to the further) the physical plane, the mental plane (your mind's world) and the astral plane (the world of souls, dead ones or living ones ; and the imagination's world). After, there is the causal plane, which is the plane of energetical entities (though many entities can live into lower planes, mostly the astral one). In this plane, their would be all of those extradimensional entities as the Faltines, the Mindless Ones etc. I think it could be interesting that there are many kinds of "lands" in this world : the land of the Faltines, led by Dormammu, the Crimson Cosmos where reign Cyttorak and many other entities whose powers are often invoked by Strange (Balthak, Raggardorr, Valtorr, Seraphim and the Vishantis).
  • A Tale of War and Magic. I'd want to see a superheroic fantasy film. There would be many different kinds of entities, led by those great leaders : Dormammu with the Faltines (and the Mindless Ones) ; Cyttorak and the Crimson Stonemen ; Oshtur, Hoggoth and Agamotto with their own different branches of a Vishanti race (like the Elven in the Tolkien's world) ; etc. and the film would begin as Umar tells Clea the tale of the origins of their world (all of the faction of the known lands of the Causal plane made a coalition against the Lord of Chaos Shuma-Gorath, and then a human sorcerer came and found the way to use the so-called Gem of Power carried by Agamotto as his jewel : the Eye of Agamotto (or the Soul Stone, anyway)). And the events of the first part of the film would lead to a battle between the coalition between Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath against the human sorcerers who would defend the fortress of the Ancient One, in Himalaya, Faltine rebels and Vishanti armies, making the fortress a big battle field surrended by a big interdimensionnal portal, while Strange is passing the test for being the Sorcerer Supreme, as he has to prove his value facing the tasks given by the images of the Vishanti leaders. He then would find the Eye of Agamotto at the end of his path into the antic crypt, inside the mountain, and use it to fight Shuma-Gorath. Also, their should be a Mordo/Wong duel as a Clea/Umar duel.
  • A quantum-explained and ruled magic. But like, really explained through quantum theories, not like those light explanations from the Sorcerer's Apprentice. And a not so bright magic, with colorful rays and shining pentacles in the air, or teleportation into lightning flames. I'd like to have some "realistic" magic, with suggerated teleportation (just like, if Doctor Strange disappear from the camera angle, because of an obstacle, he might just reappear from behind another obstacle, like the not-so-creepy woman in the Annabelle trailer). Also, there would be bright lights only when necessary, like when sorcerers conjure lightning storms or fire. I've been on this website and I think that the "alternative classification" would be a great organisation on what a sorcerer can and can't do. Also, just like in many fantasy universes, there need to be rules to this kind of power. For example, the entities, that are physically contactable in their own world and can reverse into their "immaterial form" (fire figure for Faltines, clouds of ruby particles taking human figures for the Cyttorak's people etc.) can only exist under their immaterial form when they pass the veil between planes. Also, sorcerers should be organised into an international assembly with : the Sorcerer Supreme, which is a sort of leader for the sorcerers of this Great Assembly ; the Greats, the cell leaders of the Assembly (like Doctor Strange in the Northeast, or Brother Voodoo in the South ; and in foreign country, Baron Mordo (formerly) or Doctor Doom in the Balkans) and the agents, who depend to their cell leader.
  • NOT an origin story. Please, just stop with origin stories. The opening of Incredible Hulk was a great deal to present the origin of the Hulk, so why don't you do this with Doctor Strange, in the same way the Haunted Manor did (best part of this movie actually). This would show how Strange had a great life before it became a bloody mess, and then how he met the Ancient One, and eventually defeated Mordo, stopping him into freeing Dormammu. Then, Strange would wake up and the film would begin, as the opening would be set after the scene with Umar and Clea.
I want you back !
I want you back !

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

So, the Guardians of the Galaxy are the real surprise of 2014, on the blockbusters level (I was surprised, really). It had ended with Yondu talking about Quill's father, the Power Stone was kept safe in the Nova Corps Headquarters, Ronan is defeated, Nebula disappears... So what now ? In fact, I don't really know, it's more some fan dreaming, some paths on which I haven't gone further.

  • Kree-Skrull war. Well, okay, it would be a little repetitive to have the Krees having another war, this time against the Skrulls, but we don't care. SKRULLS !
  • Real Novas this time. Indeed, I was deeply disappointed not to see any flying, plasma-shooting Nova in the first movie. Who knows, maybe Rhomann Dey will finally end on Earth and give his powers to Richard Rider ? *.*
  • Planet Hulk. Nah, just kidding. At least, I think Planet Hulk and World War Hulk would better fit to a solo movie for the Hulk.
  • New members ? I don't know if some of the non-fans will see that like if GotG is trying to copy Avengers, but I'd like to see, finally, new members. I'll tell you more on who I'd like to see in the MCU Cosmic part in an another part of "The characters Marvel Studios have to introduce".
  • No Annihilation Wave. Why ? You'll see...
Ragnarok is coming...
Ragnarok is coming...

[Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) (2017)

So, first, you must know what is Ragnarok. It is the equivalent of the Christian Apocalypse, except that the Ragnarok begins a new cycle of existence. It involves every worlds of Yggdrasil, the Cosmic Tree. Well, in the comics, it is pretty the same, but the cycle is in fact an eternal rebooting, and the events begin once again the same way. So, there is the list of things I want to see in this movie.

  • A Ragnarok/Reborn/Siege/Fear Itself medley. That is the most important point of my list, as it just would kick-ass. You must know that, for me, at the end of Age of Ultron, Hawkeye is dead, the Maximoff twins are hiding, Hulk is exiled in space, Thor is kept in Hel thanks to Loki in order that Thor doesn't stop Ragnarok. So, there would be the central plots of Fear Itself and Ragnarok that are linked, as the fall of Odin has freed the Serpent. Then, the Serpent conjures some Uru hammers, one to the Thing, another intercepted by the Hulk (allowing him to return to Earth), one to Crusher (seen in Agents of SHIELD) etc. This cause the governments to attack those Worthies, as Thor finally escapes from Hel, but can't stop Loki teleporting some parts of the Asgardian Royal City over a big city (I don't know which, pick a name and tell me in the comments^^), causing the US army and the Thunderbolts to attack the city, on the orders of Norman Osborn or Thaddeus Ross, just consider which is the most credible. This leads to the same plot as Siege. Finally, it is Ragnarok, but then, the Reborn plot can unveil for the last 30 minutes of the movie, and maybe the post-credits scene.
  • More of the Nine Worlds. Indeed, Thor: The Dark World just tickled my curiosity about the appearance of other worlds. The worlds I want to see the most ? Niffleheim and Alfheim.
  • Setting the Dark Reign ? Have you noticed that, after Thor: Ragnarok, there are possibly no other film which features the US until the Avengers movies, as Black Panther would rather take place in Wakanda, and Captain Marvel would set in the Kree Empire and, possibly, with some glimpses of Earth. So, why ? Maybe because, finally, with Stark discredited after the asgardian Siege and the Civil War, he will lose his influence, will Thaddeus', Norman's and Doom's grows. I can see from here the Cabal including Ross, Osborn, Doom, Loki, [insert new HYDRA leader her] etc. (EDIT : why not the REAL Mandarin ?) beginning to plot against our favorite heroes.
The first Black superhero to have his own solo film
The first Black superhero to have his own solo film

Black Panther (2017)

I have litte expectations for this film, so I'm not gonna do any list, as I have only some plot ideas to submit. Just keep in mind that the movie could start with the fall of T'Challa out of his throne, thanks to the White Gorilla (not sure about that, juste keep in minds that he becomes a fugitive).

In fact, I think that the Black Panther movie would be a kind of geopolitic movie, because if I'm not so wrong for those plots (or if a scenarist for Marvel Studios just come here, luckily), Black Panther would be the king of the most developped country, while a Cabal is ploting to get Wakanda's vibranium mines. This would show more about the Wakanda, and his role into international politics. He also could take his revenge as his father's murderer, Ulysses Klaw, would work with the Cabal. But it could also be the good moment to discover another face of the Marvel Universe : Atlantis, with Namor finally revealing himself and the Atlanteans into the now opened war between Wakanda and Latveria (and now Atlantis) as he revendicates the rights to control who seals the waters of the world (do you find another good revendication ? tell me in the comments ;) ). Finally, T'Challa could find unexpected allies as the Fantastic Four, who would be at this time a form of diplomatic tool for the United Nations, in order to calm down the relations between Latveria and Wakanda. Good points would be more details about the Fantastic Four's MCU version, their fight against the REAL Doctor Doom, but T'Challa would be the axis of the film.

Thanos is preparing himself for Death...
Thanos is preparing himself for Death...

Avengers: Infinity War, Part I (2018)

So, this is it, the first part of the ultimate battle of the first cycle of the MCU (cause it's clear that Marvel Studios won't stop after the second part) is here. So, what can we expect for that ? First, the better. Some characters from Guardians of the Galaxy are set to appear in this movie (we don't know which part) but, I can admit that I have some thoughts about this first part.

  • It has to be a REAL war. Indeed, if Avengers and Guardians are both involved in this event, while not crossing paths (as Gunn said, both parts should'nt meet, for the moment), it is because both have their role to play in their activity area : the Guardians into space, the Avengers on Earth. But what can cause so much trouble into the Local Group (indeed, in the Marvel Universe, if Earth is still in the Milky Way, Kree Empire is set in the Large Magellanic Cloud, while Skrull & Nova Empires find themselves into the Andromeda Galaxy) ? I have some ideas : the Kree-Skrull war begins to extend ; Thanos have settled some more Chitauris everywhere (but I don't want this to become true, actually) ; or maybe... Annihilation Wave ? For this first part, this would be more focused on the Guardians of the Galaxy (at least for the first act), and then this would go on Fantastic Four discovering the Negative Zone and informing the Avengers about the fact that an Annihilation Wave is sealing the universe to find the Earth. Why ? Well, Silver Surfer ?
  • The first part of Infinity War is focused on how elements cross to build an epic battle. Indeed, with all of this life growing on Earth, it has attracted the Eater of Worlds : Galactus. For the instant, only the Silver Surfer has appeared, and he has met the Fantastic Four, and finally discover another time the emotions he had as a Zenn-Lavian. He finally warns the Fantastic Four to mobilize every super-powered individual (remember that Avengers don't exist anymore, as Stark is still badly considered, Captain America is dead but replaced by Bucky who finally leads a group of Secret Avengers including Spider-Man, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther (and why not introducing some other characters ? like Spider-Woman, or Black Knight etc.), Thor is considered dead after he disappeared with Asgard (although Asgard still remains standing, but awfuly nearly-empty) and Hawkeye is dead too. So the Fantastic Four need to unite every superhero they can, including the Defenders, maybe the Secret Warriors, and ask Namor if he can help them. The movie ends as Thanos finally discovers that the Time Stone is set in the Negative Zone, or more precisely in the Annihilation Wave, actually going to Earth. Uho.
  • But why would Annihilus want the Silver Surfer ? Because he needs enough cosmic power to save the Negative Zone from the implosion.
Let's get another time into the stars !
Let's get another time into the stars !

Captain Marvel (2018)

This film, which will be most likely tied-in with the Infinity War, is focusing on Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, who might have already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So, if the film is included into the gap between IW.I and IW.II, this means that Carol could be involved into protecting the Infinity Stones from Thanos, or fighting against the Annihilation Wave... We'll see, I don't have any ideas for this part of the phase.

It is said this will have a GoT tone.
It is said this will have a GoT tone.

The Inhumans (2018)

So, because I don't know much this part, I will resume my thoughts with "THEY'RE GOING TO INVOLVE THEMSELVES INTO INFINITY WAR^^" ! Hopefully :v... And I also hope this will be like they said "with some Game of Throne vibes".

The Stones are finally reunited, Death awaits...
The Stones are finally reunited, Death awaits...

Avengers: Infinity War, Part II

Last time we'd seen the heroes of the Earth, they were trying to prepare themselves to a much worse invasion than New York's. Since, Thanos had taken the Aether, and the Tesseract was his next target. Captain Marvel had helped Xandar to fight the invasions of Nebula to take the Power Stone, while the Inhumans had wandered to Earth in order to warn the heroes about the Infinity Stones, and help them against the Annihilation Wave. Then, the battle begins. Iron-Man finally finds Scarlet Witch who finally resurrects Captain America and Hawkeye and then, just disappears, seemingly mad.

Galactus manages to come and the end of the battle, unfortunately, I can't tell you, I haven't any idea of how the heroes could take the advantage...

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this complete fanbrainstorming with some mindf*ck in there.


How do you find this "plot" (better call mindf*ck) for Phase 3 ?


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