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Rumours are flying around that Tarantino has recently cancelled his upcoming film, The Hateful Eight, which was due in cinemas towards the end of this year - but was The Hateful Eight due to be possibly Tarantino's best film yet? It'd be pretty hard to top classics like Pulp Fiction, which I would personally regard as one of the best films of all time but just look at the cast of The Hateful Eight!

Quentin has filled his film with returning Tarantino favourites such as:

Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction / Jackie Brown / Inglorious Basterds / Django Unchained)

Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction / Four Rooms / Reservoir Dogs)

Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 / Reservoir Dogs)

Walton Goggins (Django Unchained)

Bruce Dern (Django Unchained)

Kurt Russell (Death Proof)

James Parks (Edgar McGraw in Death Proof / Kill Bill / Dusk till Dawn)

As well as newcomers:

Demian Bichir

Jennifer Jason Leigh

It's hard to argue that with a cast like that, it'd be a bad film. Furthermore, an all time favourite Tarantino of mine is Django Unchained and seeing as the hateful eight is a Western too - I've got high hopes. The concept of betrayal and deceit has also been mentioned - bringing back fond memories of Reservoir Dogs and Inglorious Basterds.

Notice that I use present tense - I'm either in denial about it's cancellation or submerged in foolish hopeful optimism.

If, however, Tarantino has truly buried The Hateful Eight what could we expect next? Kill Bill Vol. 3 perhaps? (PLEASE)

What's your favourite Tarantino film? Vote below, let me know!


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