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Hi, folks! I'm back with super exciting news!

A good amount (if not all) of the Titans roster for the upcoming TNT series has been revealed.

First off: What we already knew.

1.) Nightwing

We knew that Dick Grayson was going to play a major role on the show. What we didn't know is that he would be starting out as Robin. According to executives of the show, Grayson will be starting off as a Robin recently split from Batman. Then, as the series progresses, so will the character.

2.) Raven and Starfire

We knew that they would be appearing in the series already. The only new information on them is that they won't appear until the end of the pilot.

Secondly: What we know as of today.

1.) Barbara Gordon

It has been confirmed that Babs will appear on the show in a role similar to that of Oracle. Only, she won't be known as Oracle. At least, she won't be known Oracle in the beginning. The character has been described as the resident, wheelchair bound computer hacker. This will be interesting, given that she is not traditionally an important character to any Teen Titans mythos.

2.) Hawk and Dove

We now know that Hawk and Dove will be major characters in the pilot, at least, most likely the entire series. It will be a warped take on the Dawn Granger and Hank Hall versions of the characters. They are described as being in a romantic relationship. This is a surprise (not necessarily in a bad way), considering that these characters aren't normally as important as some other characters in the history of the Teen Titans. But, they will add a good dynamic to the team.

This show is making itself out to be a fun, new twist on the classic group. And, it will go down in history as featuring the birdiest superhero cast ever.

Thanks for reading, folks.

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