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Hi guys, i was just sitting yesterday and I was bored as fu** so i was thinking what could motivate me. Then I remembered guys that are biggest inspiration to all of us, our beloved superheroes. After I got motivated I wanted to share with you quotes that I found that were most inspiring or motivational.

I know there are a lot of awesome quotes, I just wanna say that this is my opinion and I know there are a lot of quotes in The Dark Knight but I'm trying to find motivational, not awesome quotes( Why so serious isn't just motivational enough for me ), that's a list for another day.

Okay let's start :


I think you guys all expected this one.These were last words said to Spiderman from his father figure, his uncle. It's a classic, everybody use it.Even movies that have no connection with Spiderman or Superhero genre use this quote.I think that says enough about this quote.A lot of guys will think this is too low on the list but it is as it is.


I wasn't a big fan of the movie but this quote is just AWESOME. I think it went under the radar but it is pretty bad ass quote. It combines comedy of the movie with it but you could imagine some guy screaming this at your face why you are at the gym, or you are running, I think you are gonna get motivated. I think it has enough reasons to deserve my #9 spot.


Another Spiderman quote ( not the last btw ) for a reason. With this quote Andrew Garfield starts narrating the trailer of The Amazing Spiderman 2 and it is pure awesomness. Even that movie was not the best one, I liked it. When you read those words you feel inspiration and fear in the same time. Some people don't like that but perfect combination for me.


Who could have thought that Seth Rogen could inspire so much. This quote isn't that popular nor was the movie but it was pretty good.It is YOLO style quote but it is still awesome. I still don't believe Seth said this. It was comedy that makes it even more stunning. How could I not put this quote on the list, just tell me how ?


This is plain straight. I wont say anything about this quote, I will just quote it back : THE TRAINING IS NOTHING. THE WILL IS EVERYTHING. You must now that next ones are gonna be pretty inspirational/motivational when this is #6 spot.

Alright guys we are getting serious, TOP 5 :


A lot of guys don't remember this quote made by Harvey Den (Two-Face), it disappeared in the shadows of all those Joker quotes. But when you look at it, read it, analyze it, you get the point. Nothing is fair in this world only chance we get ( In the movie chance being Harvey's flipping coin ) is fair. After some time this hits you right in the face and only then you get it's true meaning.


This is Nolan's third quote in a row ( That is what happens when you have a great scenario) and that's for the reason. This quote describes Batman's will and love to Gotham city.He would sacrifice truth just so people could have their faith in the city restored. This is too deep for me to interpret it.

TOP 3 GUYS, TOP 3 !!!


I think everybody saw this coming. With this quote, with this statement ended beauty that is The Dark Knight. After Bruce's sacrifice, James Gordon says this words that are going to stuck in my head for a long time. For me if there wasn't this quote i would still like the movie , but this strong end was the perfect way to end The Dark Knight. Everything I say about this is just going to be little.


First I wanna say I LOVED MAN OF STEEL. Now that we cleared that out, words that Jor El tells to Kal El are just perfect perfection. He describes path of the Supermen, what he is, what he present, HE IS AN IDEAL TO STRIVE FORWARD. He is everything that we want to be, but he also helps us, as the Jor El say :"You will help them accomplish wonders", and he did. Superman described in one perfect quote, FIRST WORDS OF HIS LIFE.



Yep, our beloved Aunt May. Even she is not most known character in Superhero movies or even in the Marvel Comics Universe she delivers most inspirational quote ever( Beating : BATMAN, SPIDERMAN,RA'S AL GHUL,... ). I just want you to read the quote, be quite for a minute and think about life, you will know why she is 1st place.

Alright guys that's it for this article,I hope I inspired you to do something great or at least something.


What is you favourite Inspirational/Motivational quote ?


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