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After a batch of official photos were released by Marvel earlier today, I noticed something interesting. And just in case you were wondering: the photos were nothing new. They were basically stills from the trailer with the Marvel logo slapped on the bottom right of the photo. Anyways, let's begin:

Remember this picture? Yeah, so do I. But one thing caught my eye in what is otherwise a colour neutral photo: the needles with the green liquid in them. Considering this is the MCU, there's only one thing this can mean: Hulk is involved.

We all know Hulk's a lot angrier this time around. He looks leaner in the promo art we've seen, and his eyes are bloodshot, not to mention his huge fight with his Science Bro. But I think I might've discovered the reason why. Now, let's actually start:

The Science Bros are living together now

At the end of the Avengers and [Iron Man 3](movie:24391), we saw Tony and Bruce living together. Now when you live with someone who clearly has some anger issues, you're sure to hear about it when they're normal. So basically, I'm convinced Bruce complained to Tony a lot about "The Other Guy", Tony, in his typical fashion, tries to fix it.

Tony screwed up. Surprise, surprise.

Tony tried to fix the world with Ultron, something we already know. We know how that turns out. His tampering causes Ultron to become the evil robot we all know and love. I think Tony makes something in an attempt to "cure" Bruce. But...

Oh no! It doesn't work!

And instead of becoming mild mannered Bruce Banner, Hulk becomes a savage. Maybe even... Savage Hulk? Eventually, at the climax of his chaoticness, he realizes his true enemy isn't Hulk; it's Tony Stark. Then we go ahead and see the Hulkbuster Hulk fight.

So...thoughts? Am I totally wrong? Am I onto something? Let me know below!


Do you think this is what caused the Hulkbuster fight?


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