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So back in the early 80s Rambo was a big thing and still is today in 2015. I can say i really love these movies.

I will Review all three from the Original Trilogy i do plan on Reviewing the fourth which is the Remake but i haven't seen it yet as soon as i do i will Review it.

Now to start off i have heard of Rambo many of times from my high school but i never got time to take the time to watch it.

People have always have been saying great things about Rambo but i really didn't care for it at the time.

Now to start off the Trilogy the first is down right the best in the whole Trilogy.

To start off with this box set this goes for around $14.99 you get three movies in the set.

Now the question most people might wonder or maybe you didn't think about it.

Does it come in just one case or does it have three cases for each movie.

Well your in luck it doesn't just come on one disc i find that kind of cheap when they do that.

It comes in three cases with the box first with First Blood Part 1 from 1982 second with First Blood Part 2 1985 and last Rambo 3 1988.

Heres some pictures i took so you will get a better look at the box set and what all it brings.

Heres what the box looks like sorry for the dents on the box i got this from Target so it's not going to be Mint Condition.

I like the box art i think it looks fine to me noting wrong with it.

Heres the side of the box it also looks pretty good but more dents on it.

Heres the back of the box it's probably the best thing about the box since you seen the front.

Here it shows you all three movies and Special Features on the back.

Heres the other side of the box you can see the Blu-Ray cases have a nice shinny look to them which makes them stand out it really makes you feel like your getting something here.

Heres the first movie First Blood Part 1 and it looks wonderful with the case art.

Now since were looking at the first movie heres my Review of it.

Well i can say i really love this movie out of the other two in the box set.

The plot is simple and easy i really enjoy the first mainly for the action it brings.

The whole idea of the Police being after you really sets the ton for the Film.

The characters for the first are also really good i'm glad they chosen them.

Brian Dennehy who plays Teasle is the perfect person to play the True Villain i think.

You know the father that played Big Tom from Tommy Boy well he sure is different in this movie.

Jack Starrett as the Deputy works great as well i really glad he was in this movie.

I do kind of feel bad that he died from falling off the Helicopter but he did get that coming to him so.

What else can i say the background Music is wonderful the lighting flashing in the forest really sets the ton and mood.

I only thing i could wish that this movie would have brought would if it was much longer then just 96 Minutes and what i mean by much longer try like 3 hours long.

I just feel they rushed everything to start off with the first as well as the other 3.

I do like how the action starts off fast but i wish we could have seen more of the characters.

Overall i love this Movie/Film and glad it was made hopefully they will make a Directors Cut on Blu-ray that way it is much longer.

To start off with the second film i do like this movie it is pretty good the action is still there so at least we still have that.

The characters are fine in this one but its one of those that doesn't really match up all that with the first.

The plot is also pretty good and so is the Villain.

Now onto the third movie i do like this one the action is pretty good so you can count on that to entertain you.

The characters are also good in this movie usually they aren't but that is not the problem in this one.

I don't mind this movie but i'm glad they stopped here for the Original Trilogy other rise you would be rehashing the same movie over and over.

Overall this box set is worth picking up if your a fan of Rambo.


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