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Everything was right with the world until a fan came up with one crazy idea that left everyone wondering...did bane try and become Batman? This is the question the fans want to know. When I say fans, I of course mean me! As everyone know Bane and Batman got the same extreme ninja training at the same dojo, The League of Shadows. Bane is pissed off at Batman and is now trying to kill him is maybe because Batman aka Bruce Wayne (don't tell anyone) burned the dojo to the ground . What if they were all competing to become Batman and the only reason Bruce won is because he burnt the dojo to the ground.

One fan had a theory that maybe Bane wasn't the bad guy, maybe he was on Bruce's side the entire time. Another question to ask yourself is maybe Bane was Bruce's friend while they were at the dojo. The theory went like this... Bane told Bruce that Gotham had a very high crime rate and it needed a figure to step up and be the care taker of the city. To get rid of all the crime and keep it gone. He then told him that the symbol had to be more than just a man he had to be something people were scared of. Then he chose the Bat to be the symbol because people are scared of bats (duh).

The theory says that Maybe Bane wasn't actually the villain. Maybe he was on his side. They just didn't get along cuz they had different ideals. As we all know its okay to be different. There is no right way to fight crime. Personally I think that maybe you need to be a little more violent and strong against the crazy murders like the Joker because if you aren't then they will just keep coming back and doing it again. They obviously aren't sane enough to think rationally so why would they care that one man is going to try and stop them. There are way more people in the police department that will try and stop them so whats going to stop them from doing it again just because one man tries to.


Would Bane be a better Batman?


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