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1. Marvel Feared That Spider-Man Would Scare People

Spider-Man is without doubt one of Marvel’s most famous, popular, and money-spinning characters. But Spidey was very close to being kicked in the wastepaper bin mere moments after making it off the drawing board. Martin Goodman, head of Marvel at the time, told Spider-Man creator Stan Lee that he thought the new hero was a “rotten idea” for a comic book hero. Goodman sincerely believed that the character would struggle to ingratiate himself with Marvel’s adoring fans, for the simple fact that people were scared of spiders—so they’d supposedly be scared of him.

2. Superman Was Originally a Bald Megalomaniac

Let’s list Superman’s visual attributes: tall, handsome, with a charming smile; broad shouldered, and with a full head of slicked-back hair. But things could’ve been very different indeed. The son of Krypton’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, originally conceived of The Superman as a telepathic scientist obsessed with world domination. And the kicker? He was bald. An evil Professor Xavier if you will. Butby the time Superman had found a publisher—a six year process—the character had become the dashing hero, with a full head of hair, whom we know and love today.

3. Wolverine Was Nearly Called, The Badger (Really Marvel)

The character of Wolverine was conceived when Wein decided that he wanted to create a character who would be popular in Canada. He knew that heroes based on animals were a big hit in the US, so he brainstormed Canadian animals, eventually narrowing it down to two: The Wolverine and The Badger.

4. Stan Lee Worried That Daredevil Would Offend People

Daredevil fans are some of the most loyal comic books followers out there but the acrobatic avenger could have been considered offensive. Stan Lee made it clear to the Marvel team: if there were even the vaguest whiff that the comic was causing offense to blind people, or blind organizations, he would pull the book from the shelves quicker than you can say Matt Murdock.

And Finally...

5. Venom Was Supposed To Be A Woman

When the Symbiote—an evil alien-suit which takes over its host—was discarded by Spider-Man, writer David Michelinie didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually, he decided to give the suit to a woman. But Michelinie decided that she needed to hate Spider-Man so much that she wanted to kill him, so he plotted out a story which, in true comic fashion, is massively convoluted.


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