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Hi. It's me. I'm back baby! I've been gone a while, don't ask why (mainly because I don't have a reason), and today I'm going to discuss the big thing about Marvel getting Spider-Man back for their movies.


Well, the pros are pretty obvious if you've been following all this. If Marvel gets Spiderman, then they get to use him in an Avengers movie, or make a series for him. That, you have to admit, is pretty awesome.


Maybe you're a HUGE Spider-Man fan and you're saying to yourself "Well there's obviously no cons. This is going to be great!" If you think about it, there's one thing wrong to alot of people that hasn't been brought up. Marvel said if they get Spider-Man back, they are 'Firing' Andrew Garfield. Yea, it will happen. That's one reason that conflicts with the whole idea. Maybe you don't like Andrew as Spider-Man, but he was better than Toby Maguire. (Eww... That Emo scene in Spider-Man 3). This may not be an "article" as much as a poll, or question,)

What are your Idea's?
If I've gotten a piece of evidence wrong, then tell me! Comment down below.

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Do you want Spider-Man back into The MCU?


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