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So in what other articles i have read on here, I see two things widely talked about.

1. Vampires

2. The Paranormal

The subject i want to talk about the most right now is the Paranormal.

All the articles i have seen and read, They are great Nice job to the writers of the articles. but that is not what i want to talk about. The thing i want to talk about is what people have been commenting on.

A lot of people laugh at this stuff and say it fake. laugh all you want but when something like this happens to you. You wont be laughing than.

Yes I can say most of the movies that come out with dealing on the paranormal is not based on truth but what you do need to realize is what activity happens in there can happen in real life.

One of the movies i can say that is based on truth and I can post the true story behind it as well is the movie "The Exorcist".

The Exorcist is based upon a real life paranormal encounter of a 13 year old boy. Where as in the movie it showed a girl. below i will post a link to the YouTube video of the documentary of the real exorcist encounter. Pay close attention to it and maybe you will learn or start believing in the paranormal things. I deal with this stuff day to day and all day.

Video from

My family has a center to help those who need help with a paranormal entity. We met a few authors of paranormal books. Did you know New York State has a lot more Haunted places than you think.

Here is list of books my family has read and met the authors to:

Haunted Northern New York: True, Chilling Tales of Ghosts in the North Country by: Cheri Revai

picture from
picture from

More Haunted Northern New York by: Cheri Farnsworth and Cheri Revai

picture taken from
picture taken from

Still More Haunted Northern New York by: Cheri L. Revai

picture taken from
picture taken from

Haunted Northern New York Vol. 4 by: Cheri Farnsworth

picture taken from
picture taken from

and this is my favorite story and is on truth:

The Other Side: The True Story of the Boy Who Sees Ghosts by: Denice Jones

picture taken from
picture taken from

The is yet more places which are not listed in the four above books but give it time they will be. the tools used for the paranormal are also not to be taken lightly. I know they are portrayed to be "Games" ,but they are not just games. they are portals to the other side, ones that if you don't know what your doing (which means unless you have worked with the item for a long time) don't mess with them. I can tell you know you will get a spirit to talk to you but it is not going to be one you want to have hanging around.

i know I can't change how people see this stuff but I can show that there is negativity out there that is easiest to come through when you choose to play with the tools like a kid and not an adult. Those who wish to still "play" with this stuff, I ask one thing.

Ask for protection from God and only ask for positive spirit s to come through.

otherwise i may be getting contacted by you or another idiot saying you need help to get rid of a evil spirit. Use common sense people these movies are not just coming out for your entertainment. they are also showing you that this can happen. All those movies that are coming out that say "Based on true events" are actually based on true events. It means they actually happened already.

To name a few that are based on truth here they are:


The Conjuring

the Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut 2

and many more.

My words of ending this article are this:

" I know some of you who will read this will still think your better than anyone else and still laugh at this stuff. It's you guys who I pray for the most. because of the fact you think you know it all."

Please rate my article. Also in the comments feel free to ask questions i will answer in another article.


How many of you now believe in the paranormal?


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