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So i'm so happy i fine have this box set to start off this was imported so you probably won't be able to find it in your local store that may carry it.

Anyway first the price i got this for $27.99 which is pretty cheap if you ask me i mean you get four movies with it.

Second you should know this box set has four disc's so you don't have to worry about getting cheap Blu-Ray features on just one disc.

I'm not really a fan of how this box has two big case for two movies each in one case it should have four cases one for each movie but its not that bad.

Now on to the movies :)

Well i love the first movie from 1983 Directed by Harold Ramis so that is the main reason why it is so funny. RIP Harold Ramis :(

The plot is simple and easy to follow Clark Griswold plans to take himself and his family to Wally World for their Vacation.

The characters in the first movie are pretty good and easy to like.

The casting of Audrey Griswold & Russell Griswold i don't mind the fact that in every movie they are re-casted at first i did but now that i understand why they did it that way plus having a difference cast for both characters brings something special to it that the other didn't.

I do like how all of the disc's are in Blue :)

So the first movie like i said is really funny the crazy aunt makes it more funnier than i think it was meant to be Aunt Edna.

I like the idea of having the character for The Girl In The Ferrari played by christie brinkley hard to believe she is now 61 crazy how fast time travels.

The movie looks good in HD which is good to know because even though some movies are on blu-ray they don't always look that good.

The run time for the first movie is only 1h 39m which isn't bad for that time most of the time your laughing your butt off.

I like John candy is in the first movie as the character Lasky its always good to have him in a movie.

Overall I love the first movie its just so good i really can't think of anything i don't like about it.

It will be a movie that will always have a place in my heart.

On to the second movie well things really get good :)

The second movie is also pretty easy to follow Clark Griswold Wins a trip to European V action which so happens to be the title of the movie.

So him his wife & kids are forced to go along with no questions asked.

This movie brings so much fun then the first.

This one has you on your seat and asking for more.

Just like the first movie is has nudity well a whole lot more just not so much language.

This is probates most favorite out of the four films.

Overall thats not much i can say about this one more or less i just like this one a lot.

The third film Christmas Vacation is the next best out of the four.

I love this one mostly because every Christmas i try to watch it with the family or just by myself.

The comedy is all still there noting really has changed just Chevy has gotten older.

The plot is also simple just like the other two but this time Clark has his Vacation at his house then on off on the road.

The characters are still good which is fine and keeps the movie going.

Overall there is so much to love about this movie i'm really happy it was made.

Now on to the last one or is it because from what i heard their making another one thats right and guess what Chris Hemsworth is going to be in it coming 2015 October.

On to Vegas Vacation well this one is pretty funny i thing this might be the weakest one but it still has its funny moments.

The plot is simple Clark wants to go on vacation so he goes to Vegas with his family to spend his Vacation.

This movie overall isn't the best the comedy is still good so don't think it won't have any but the movie it self is kind of boring for me.

I like the idea of going to Vegas but for some reason this one doesn't really reach out to me that much.

I can sit down and watch this but overall i would say this movie isn't the best but it sure isn't the worst movie i have seen before.

I'm happy this movie got made at least their is four movies to sit down and watch soon their will be six well their is that short film made on line say what you haven't seen it well here it is if you want to watch it.

Overall this Blu-ray Box set is worth the buy say yourself Money and Buy this don't waste your money buying them one by one just get the box set thats all folks.


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